Not Your Average T-Shirt: OOTD + WEEKLY ROUND UP


Welcome back friends! This past week the summer weather had finally started to come to an end, which meant it was time to start to bringing out the fall clothes. New songs were discovered this week, as well as my new found love for Pinterest. So lets jump right in to a look at this past week as well as an OOTD!


Over the past few weeks I’ve fallen more in love with Instagram and have been posting almost every day. One of my favorite photos, which is now my most liked, is from my inexpensive ways to update your room post. It’s basically how I spend every morning, with a cup of coffee and something to read. There’s also a photo of the most beautiful sunset that was just outside my house this past week. As you may know, I just recently updated my room and I’ve been posting a few photos of my mini work / living area. It’s safe to say Instagram has become one of my favorite social media sites.


 Last week I posted my first of many weekly round-ups, so if you haven’t given it a read click over here to see the gorgeous summer dress I’ve been loving as well as a little recap of the week. There’s also a 8 inexpensive ways to update your bedroom post, which was one of my favorite blog posts to shoot. If there’s one thing I might love more than fashion and photography, it’s home decor. Whether you’re interested in updating your room or just love to look at room photos, be sure to give it a read!


 This past week I have been very good with my spending and I haven’t bought anything new. However, there are quiet are few things I’ve been loving this week. I just recently got a Pinterest, and although at first I had no idea what I was doing, I absolutely love it now! It’s great for getting inspiration or to admire room decor or travel destinations. As I’m still new and I haven’t found many boards to follow, let me know what your user name is so we can connect! For music, over the past month I’ve discovered Tom Rusenthal. The only way I can describe his music is it makes me want to take a train across the country during fall and just stare out at the beautiful scenery. My three favorite songs of his are Go SoloBob in the Rain and the Lizard of Hope, and For You To Be Here. If you need some new songs to listen on your way home, give these three a listen!


This past week hasn’t been very different from the last. I’ve been working on school work, shooting for blog posts, and I also uploaded a end of summer lookbook on my youtube channel. I’ve also been posting some clothes to sell on Depop, and while going to the post office to get boxes to ship out clothes this sweet older man said something that really stuck with me. After I held the door for him and he thanked me, he asked me if I knew what the best part of the day is. I told him no and he said “just simply being in it.” It reminded me of how lucky we are to even experience day to day life, and I’ve been saying it to everyone since.


In my last weekly roundup I mentioned this embroided t-shirt that I order from H&M, and I couldn’t stop myself from wearing it as soon as I got it. My normal day-to-day outfit for staying in consists of pants and a t-shirt. This one is comfortable, and the dragon embroidery makes it a little less plain. Now that the weather is getting cooler I can finally start to wear long pants, and these black ones from H&M fit just right. I seem to be wearing my Vans more and more this past week, so it was no surprise that I wore them with this outfit.

And thats it! Hope you enjoyed this little look at this past week and make sure to be on the lookout for more posts to come.

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