A Day in the Life of a Blogger


I always find it interesting to find out the daily routines of different people in different careers. Being a blogger my day-to-day routine does change. There are days where I have to run a few errands or spend all day on an assignment, but for the most part the outline of what I do each day is the same. I thought I would share with you a look at how most of my days as a blogger go. Let’s get on into my day!



8:30-9:30 AM

No matter how much I wish I were an early riser, it’s just not who I am. I sometimes wake up at 8:30 but most days I set my alarm for 9:30. I spend the next hour after waking up going through social media and responding to any comments. I also make myself either coffee or a cup of tea, and eat some breakfast.


10:30 AM

After I’m done eating I then start to get ready for the day. I try to keep my makeup under 20 minutes so I have more time to work, and then I get dressed for the day. My usual go-to outfit is a sweater and a pair of high-waisted jeans.


11:20 AM

Once I’m finished getting ready I get out my planner and see what I have to get done for the day and add any extra tasks. Next I tackle emails and any tasks that would take me less than 20 minutes. If I have a blog post that has to go up I’ll give it one last read through and then post it at around either 11:45ish am or 5pm, depending on the day. If I don’t have a new post going up that day I’ll instead tweet about a previous post. I try to send out at least one tweet a day on a blog post, whether it’s a new one or one that went up a little while ago.


12:00 PM

On days when I have to take blog photos that aren’t outfit ones I usually try to start shooting around 12. I’ll usually already have a brief outline of the post and know what I want to shoot. All I do is get everything I need, set up my camera on the tripod, and start shooting! This can take me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how many different shots I want to take. If I don’t have any photos to take this day, I sometimes will work on taking some photos for Instagram.


1:30 PM

Once I’m done taking photos I’ll go and make myself some lunch while I import what I just took. While eating I like to go through Instagram and Twitter. I try to do this a few times throughout the day (once in the morning, twice in the afternoon, and once before bed). If I have to go take outfit photos I will leave around this time, but I usually only take them once or twice a week.

2:00 PM

This is when I put the blogging aside and start my schoolwork. Since I am a full time college student, I try to dedicate about 3 hours of my day to class work. Since I am taking all online classes this semester it allows me to work my blogging around my schoolwork. Some days I do have to dedicate more time to class work, but I try to keep a nice balance between the two.

5:00 PM

By this time I’m usually done with school, and I start on adding to or proofreading a post and making sure it’s all ready go to up the next day. If I don’t have a post already written up I’ll sorting through the photos I took that day and start to narrow them down. It usually takes me about 3-4 times to narrow the photos down to the 5-10 that I need for the post.

6:00 PM

Around this time I like to start getting my Instagram ready. I write all my captions first in the notes app and then decide what hashtags I want to use. I find this helps me save time when I go to post. When it gets closer to 7 I’ll go ahead and post the photo.



7:00 PM

I usually have dinner around this time with my family, and then it’s back to finishing up any last minute work or school work. Once I’m done I’ll either watch some TV, catch up on reading some other bloggers posts, or work on brainstorming some future blog post ideas.


10:00 PM

I try to be off my computer every night by 10 o’clock. At this time I’ll start to wind down by taking a shower and then going on Instagram to do one more scroll through and respond to any comments. Once I’m done I catch up on some youtube videos and try to read a few chapters in the book I’m reading.


12:30 AM

Although the time I call it a night varies depending on the day, this is the latest I allow myself to go to bed. Once it gets to this time I charge my phone, close my book, and get ready for another day of work!

And that is a look at my typical day! Hope you enjoyed this look at a bloggers day and I’d love to know what your daily routine looks like!

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