25 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas


With the new year right around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning blog posts for the months ahead. Having a variety of post ideas to choose from can help you stay on top of your blog and grow. So whether you have a blog or are thinking of starting one, here are 25 lifestyle post ideas to help!

1. A Day in the Life of a Blogger: Share a look at your daily routine from start to finish! How do you start your days, when do you do your blog work, etc.

2. 5 Winter Essentials

3. Tips for Being Productive: Share tips on how to manage your time and get everything done each day! Also share what has worked for you and what hasn’t.

4. What Inspired you to Start Your Blog: Give your readers a look at what inspired you to start your blog.

5. Tips for Packing for a Weekend Getaway: Share how to pack efficiently for a weekend trip + some items never to travel without.

6. Weekly Round-Up: Share a look at your week- what you’ve done, bought, what you’ve been loving, and what’s posts have gone up on your blog!

7. 10 Fun Facts About You: Share 10 things about you that your readers don’t know.

8. Evening Pamper Routine: What does your evening pamper routine include? Give ideas on how to have a relaxing evening filled with me-time.

9. How to Balance Work and Blogging: How do you balance blogging and working or school? How do you prioritize your time?

10. A Look at Your Creative Process: Give a look into how your blog post’s come to life- everything from coming up with the idea to creating the content!

11. How you Take your Instagram Photos + Edit: Share a look at how you take your Instagram photos (equipment, lighting, etc) and what you use to edit your photo.


12. Top 5 Places to Travel: Share a look at the top 5 places you’ve traveled and why. Or make a wish list of places you want to travel to give your readers travel ideas + any sites they should visit.
13. Gift Guide: Whether it’s Christmas or just a birthday, share some ideas on what they can get everyone on their list!

14. A Look Behind The Insta: Share a look at what really took place to take your most liked Instagram shots.

15. 10 Things You’ve Learned since Starting your Blog: Share what blogging so far has taught you and what you wish you knew when you first started blogging.

16. A Look at Your Workspace: Give a tour of where you do your work and blogging! You can also give some organizing tips for keeping a clean workspace.

17. Story Time: Share an experience in your life that you think others can learn or benefit from!

18. Photography Tips: Tips on how to take better photos, know your camera better, etc.

19. Top 5 Beauty Products of the Year: Share what 5 beauty or skincare products you have been loving so far this year.

20. A Look in a Bloggers Bag: Give people a look at what you carry with you on a daily basis as a blogger!

21. Top 5 Apps For Productivity: What 5 apps or websites help you stay on task and be productive? 

22. Tips for De-stressing After a Long Day 

23. How to Grow Social Media Presence: Share tips of what you’ve done to help grow your Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest!

24. Home Decor Inspiration: Talk about the home decor styles that inspire you and share some photos to give your readers ideas!

25. Haul of Recent Purchases: Give a look at some recent purchases you’ve made and give mini reviews for each item!

And that’s it! Hope you found these 25 lifestyle blog post ideas useful, and just remember to write about what you feel passionate about!

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  1. Rosa says:

    These are such great ideas, I’ll have to think about them when I create new content.

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