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5 Ways to Unwind After A Long Work Day

I love working, but there’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and unwinding. If you work at home it can still be nice to have a set ending time and then start to have some you time. It’s important to give yourself some time off every day. Since work days can sometimes be hectic, I put together 5 ways to help you unwind after a long one!


Although it’s nice being able to put on actually clothes for the day, there’s nothing better than getting home after a long day and changing into something comfortable. Find something comfy that you love wearing and change into it first thing. My go-to is usually either an oversized sweater or a oversized, comfortable dress. Now you can lounge around for the rest of the night in comfort!


After a long work day, it’s important to refuel your body. So after getting changed into some comfy clothes, have yourself a good meal! Whether it’s a home cooked meal or takeout, have yourself a meal you enjoy and catch up with some friends or family.



After a long day I find taking off all my makeup and putting on a face mask helps me relax and feels amazing. Since it’s winter, I find a moisturizing one is a great choice for refreshing your skin. Have a little pamper session and treat yourself to a face mask. Glossier is one of my favorite brands for skincare, but use the one you love and enjoy the next 20 minutes of pamper time!



With everything going on throughout the day, sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming when you get home. I find getting everything out on paper is a great way to clear the mind. You can type it on your computer, or have a journal you write it, but just write about your day. Write about what happened, the good, the bad, and what you learned. It’s a great way to get everything out and start the next day fresh.


I always find spending the hour before bed doing something I enjoy is a great way to relax me. Whether it’s watching your favorite show on Netflix’s, reading a few chapters in a book, or spending some time with your family, do something you love for a few hours before bed! Since you spend most of the day working, it’s important not to forget about the little things you love to do.


And thats it! Hope you found these 5 tips helpful, and now go and have a relaxing rest of your day!


2 responses to “5 Ways to Unwind After A Long Work Day”

  1. Fantastic post! I love coming home and sticking on an over-sized top, courtesy of my boyfriend Matthew haha! I also really enjoy a good face-mask but I tend to leave those for Sundays when I’m feeling a bit more sluggish x

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Rebecca! Sundays are the perfect night for face masks. It’s the best way to start the week x

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