25 Fashion Blog Post Ideas


Last month I did a post on 25 lifestyle blog post ideas, and I thought I would do one for all you fashion bloggers. Although outfit posts are some of my favorite types of blog posts, it’s always good to create other fashion posts as well. Here are 25 fashion blog post ideas for when you are in need of some inspiration, or are in a blogging rut!

1.  5 wardrobe essentials / staples: Let people know what 5 items you think everyone should have in their wardrobe!

2. Top 5 stores to shop at (and why!): What 5 stores does most of your wardrobe come from, and you can even included the stores you stopped buying from.

3. Online shopping tips: Share your tips when it comes to online shopping. What do you recommend buyers do and what should they avoid. Is there any online stores you avoid, or ones you love?


5. How to style: Show how you would style one piece of clothing 3-5 different ways! Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new.

6. Winter coat collection: Share a look at your winter coats, and let your readers know what you like about each different style. You can also include styles you wish to add to your wardrobe in the future.

7.  Top 5 shoes for winter

8. 5 Small clothing brands that you love: Give some love to the smaller clothing brands you love. Give a little background about each brand and create a wish list of your top items from each store.

9.Where you find your style inspiration: Share what you do when you’re in need of some outfit inspiration.

10. Best and worst purchases you’ve made: What were the best deals/ purchases you’ve ever gotten and what items do you regret buying the most?

11. What to wear to work/party: Pick a certain occasion and make a post all on outfit ideas on what to wear.

12. Top 5 trends you love this season: Share what trends are on your must try list this season.

13. Top 5 trends you dislike this season: And share what trends you will be avoiding this season.

14. Fashion mistakes you’ve made in the past: Take a trip down memory lane and share some of the fashion mistakes you’ve made.

15. Tips for finding your personal style: Share your journey with finding your personal style and any tips you have to help others find theirs!

16. Tips for decluttering your wardrobe + closet tour: Share your tips on decluttering and organizing your wardrobe + give a look at these tips in action with a closet tour!

17. 5 current fashion favorites in your wardrobe: What five clothing items having you been reaching towards recently?

18. Go-to outfit when you are in a rush: Share your go-to outfit for when you are in a time crunch + what you recommend others avoid when getting dressed in a rush.

19. Outfit location scouting tips: Share what you look for when looking for locations to shoot outfit photos!

20. A look inside your purse: Give a look at what items you bring with you on a daily basis.

21. Capsule Wardrobe: Create a 30-40 piece capsule wardrobe and share what items are in your capsule wardrobe + tips on creating one. Also share your thoughts on the process and if you would recommend it!

22. 5 favorite accessoires: Share the 5 accessories you reach for to finish off an outfit!

23. Styling tricks and secrets: Have any tricks when it comes to styling an outfit? Let your readers know!

24. Sunglass/ Glasses collection

25. How to be more confident with your style: Share tips on being confident in wearing whatever you want.

And those are the 25 post ideas. Now make yourself a hot drink and get blogging!

10 responses to “25 Fashion Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Sinead says:

    Thanks so much for this! I would love to add more style posts to my blog but find it so hard to come up with something other than an ootd! Love your photography 🙂 x

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you found it helpful. Can’t wait to see the posts you create! x

  2. Jolien says:

    Great ideas babe!

  3. TINA H says:

    Awesome ideas, will need this list of ideas for my blog later. Thank you for sharing dear!

    xo Tina
    IG: @tinasweetheart

  4. Lona says:

    Awesome ideas thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Charlee says:

    I’ve just bookmarked this page, thank you, it’ll be a great help when I have a little writer’s block on ideas!

    Charlee || Rose above the Thorns

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