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5 Tips for Organically Growing Your Instagram + Most Used Hashtags

Instagram can be a great tool for growing your business or blog, you just have to know how to use it! Although it does take awhile, there’s nothing more rewarding than watching your Instagram grow organically. It will take some time, but there are a few things you can do now to help it grow. Here are 5 things you can do to help grow your Instagram + 20 of my most used hashtags!


Instagram is all about photos, so it’s important that you post the best ones you can. That doesn’t mean you have to post photos all taken with a fancy DSLR camera. The iPhone camera takes amazing photos that are perfect for Instagram. Just make sure all of your photos are clear, in focus, and have good lighting. You want people to be able to know what they are looking at.


It important to communicate with others on Instagram. After all it is called social media for a reason! Respond to people when they comment on your photos, and also be sure to comment on other peoples photos, especially other’s in the same field as you. It’s a great way to create a community and connect with people who have similar interests. It also can help drive people to your feed, as they may see your comment and decide to click on your profile.


I’m sure everyone has heard of Instagram themes. Although it’s not necessary to have a strict theme, it’s important to have a cohesive feed. I use to change filters every month, but once I started using one filter my Instagram following started to grow and my feed overall looked better. You don’t have to do anything drastic, it can be anything as simple as using the same filter on all your photos or having a color theme. Find what works best for you and fits your brand!


This is a must when it comes to growing your Instagram. Posting regularly allows people to recognize you and stay interested. There have been plenty of times where I’ve followed someone, and when they post after weeks of not posting I always forget who they are and have to look at their feed to remember. If you can’t post every day strive to post every other day. Once I started posting 5-7 times a week my following and interactions went up because people recognized my posts. To figure out what time is best for posting I would recommend making your Instagram a business account. This allows you to see how many impressions you get as well as interactions.


Before posting on Instagram it’s important to figure out what you want from your Instagram. Do you just want people to see your photos and like them, or do you want to direct traffic to your blog or business? Knowing exactly what you want from your Instagram can help direct what photos you post and what captions you write.


Hashtags are the best way to get people to see your photos. Figuring out the right hashtags can really help grow your traffic. I wrote a whole Instagram hashtag guide with 5 different categories so be sure to give that a read, and I thought I would share with you my 20 most used hashtags I use as a blogger!

#fbloggers #lbloggers #theblogissue #bloggerbabe #lifestyleblogger #bloggerlife #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #bloggerstyle #thehappynow #pursuepretty #lifestyleblog #fashionblog #livecolorfully #seekthesimplicity #minimalmood #styleblogger #vscooftheday #whereiwork #bloglife

And those are the five things you can do to help grow your Instagram! Let me know about your experience with growing your Instagram, and just remember to post what you love.


4 responses to “5 Tips for Organically Growing Your Instagram + Most Used Hashtags”

  1. I’m only starting to get the hang of Instagram at the moment, especially in terms of boosting my blog – but I’ve had a really good response so far and just hit my first milestone (probably won’t seem to big to everyone else, but I was pretty chuffed to hit 100 follows) x

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Congrats, that’s amazing! I always celebrate even the smallest of Instagram milestones. Every new 100 is something to celebrate x

  2. Useful and informative post.I like the tips you mentioned I’m gonna try them and we have so many common #hashtags x

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