A Look In A Bloggers Purse


I have always been someone who cannot leave the house without a purse. Over the years I’ve downsized what I bring with me and now keep it more minimal. Since I always find it interesting to take a peek at what others carry with them on a daily basis, I thought I would share with you what I keep in my purse as a blogger! So lets jump right in ->
Although I do have a few different purses I switch between, this one has been my go-to so far this year. It is from Charming Charlie and is the perfect size to hold all of my items. It’s a nice change from my usual black purses. Here’s what I keep in it!:

1. Moleskin Notebook or Notepad: I always keep either my planner or a notepad in my bag to write down any blog post ideas I may have when I am out. It’s also great for making to-do lists or to write down things I might forget. It’s the one item beside my phone that I cannot leave the house without!

2. Lip balm or Lipstick: In my winter time I always have some form of lip balm or Chapstick in my purse, and my current favorite is the Glossier balm dot com. It works amazingly to get rid of chap lips! I also keep any lipsticks that I am wearing for that day in my bag, and it’s usually a shade of the NYX soft matte lip cream.

3. Glasses or Sunglasses: I have very sensitive eyes when it comes to the sun, so I always have a pair of sunglasses on me. If I don’t have my sunglasses it’s because I wearing my EyeBuyDirect glasses, which I keep the case for in my purse. This particular style is called Juno!

4. Headphones: I never leave the house without my pair of Apple headphones. Whether it’s to listen to music or use to make a call, they always come in handy.

5. Camera: Being a blogger means I take a lot of photos for both my blog and Instagram. Because of this I always have a camera with me. It can be either a small compact camera I own, or on some days I just use my phone.

6. Hand Sanitizer: I like to be able to clean my hands whenever I need to, so I always carry my Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in my purse. This particular scent smells like a mans cologne.

7. Wintergreen Lifesavers: I stopped chewing gum quite a few years ago, and now prefer wintergreen lifesavers. There is always a few at the very bottom of my bag.

8. Wallet: My wallet is from Target and it holds everything I need (money, ID, cards, change). Since it is a wristlet when I just need to leave the house for a few minutes all I take is that.

9. Lotion: There have been plenty of times where I’ve been in need of lotion when out, so I now always keep some in my purse. This one from Philosophy smells like fresh cream and matches my perfume!

And that is everything I carry with me in my purse! Hope you enjoyed this look in a bloggers purse, and let me know what one thing you can’t leave the house without?

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