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My Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Over the past year my skin has gone from combination to dry. At first I had no idea what to do, never having had dry skin before in my life. I spent a lot of time trying different products to moisturize my skin and I thought I would share with you the ones that have helped me! Here is a look at my skincare routine for dry skin ->


One of the things I love about this mask is that it is an overnight one. I usually forget to put face masks on because I don’t have the time in the morning and alway forget in the evening. With this mask you just put it one before bed, go to sleep, and rinse it off it the morning. It has a cooling element that soothes the skin and you wake up with refreshed, moisturized skin. I use it once or twice a week, and it has become my favorite face mask.


Aveda has great skin care line for dry skin. I always find finding toners and exfoliators that aren’t drying to be a hard task, but Aveda has done it. I use the botanical kinetics exfoliator in the morning to get off any leftover makeup from the day before. It removes dull surface skin cells and and clears my skin. I use the botanical kinetics toning mist at night after my shower. This helps refresh my skin and adds a extra layer of moisture before I go to bed.


Glossier has become my go-to brand when it comes to all things skincare. I use their priming moisturizer before I put on my makeup and it leaves my skin moisturized while not being too greasy or shiny. If there’s one product I recommend everyone add to their skincare, it’s their Balm Dotcom. It’s a skin slave that seals in moisture. I have always suffered from dry lips in the winter, and this product has saved them. I put it on before I go to bed every night and wake up with smooth lips. It can also be used on any dry patches of skin and cuticles. The last product I use from them is the milky jelly cleanser. I have never used a face cleanser like this before and that’s a good thing. The name fits it perfectly- it has a creamy gel formula that conditions your skin. It can be used with or without water to remove makeup, and it’s made out of similar cleaning agents you’d find in eye contact solution so it won’t burn your eyes! I use it in the morning and night and my skin feels amazing afterwards. To try these products and get 20% off your first purchase, just click here!


I luckily don’t have an issue with dry skin all over my body, but there are a few places that do tend to be more dry than others. I use the Body Shops hawaiian kukui body cream body on these dry patches. I wouldn’t say it an outstanding body lotion, but it gets the job done. The thing I love the most about it is the smell! It has a musky smell that is unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.


This is my number one advice when it comes to dry skin. I’ve always been someone who doesn’t drink enough water during the day. This year I decided to change that, and over the past few weeks that I’ve been drink more water my skin has made a drastic change. No matter how many products you put on your skin, if you’re not nourishing it from the inside they won’t help! I drink around 2 liters of water a day, but try to start drinking more water throughout your day. I find buying a large reusable water bottle to be the best thing for me.

And that is a look at the products I use for my dry skin. Let me know if you have any holy grail skincare products, and if you try any of these let me know what you think!


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  1. Nicole Lynn says:

    I also have dry skin & feel like I’m always going in and out of products. It’s been hard for me to settle on anything of late outside of my Purity face wash from Philosophy. I’ll have to try out some of these products and see if any of them will help! I also have to drink more water as I’m definitely one of those people who don’t drink enough *eek*. Thanks so much for sharing these!! 🙂

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