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How To Balance Blog and Work

There’s nothing more rewarding and fun than blogging. It’s a great way to use your creativity and create a platform. However, since most of us have to work, it can often be hard to balance both working and having a blog. Here are some tips to help you with balancing work and blogging!


Work can sometimes become unpredictable, so to balance it with a blog it’s best to get ahead. Beside coming up with a whole months worth of blog posts at the start of each month, start writing a few posts as well. Even if it’s as simple as making an outline of key points or a rough draft, any little bit helps. Then once you’ve taken your photos, you will have a guideline as to where you want the post to go, and it will save you some much needed time!


When it comes down to it, unless blogging is your job, your work comes first over blogging. It can sometimes be frustrating when you want to work on a post, to have to put it to the side to work, but keeping a set schedule can help when work gets a bit much. Just know which tasks have to come first and start getting them done in importance order.


This isn’t something you have to stick to to a T, but make a list for every hour or morning/afternoon/evening of what you want to accomplish. Having a visual of what time of day you are going to be working and what time you are going to be blogging can help you stay on task and get it all done! You can make one yourself, or you can buy a planner (this one is from target). Just be realistic, and start checking those tasks away!

And that’s it! Hope these tips helped you with balancing work and blog, and let me know how you personally find balancing work and blogging to be.


5 responses to “How To Balance Blog and Work”

  1. Helen says:

    I love this post! I definitely have to get in the habit of planning and posts like this are super helpful 🙂


  2. Jolien says:

    It can be hard to combine indeed! I definitely need to start planning better.

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