Fear of Failing + ootd


I thought for this outfit post I would talk about something that I use to struggle with: failing. Growing up I use to have a fear of failing, whether it was something as simple as failing an assignment or something more significant. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, which I think is one of the main reasons I tried so hard not to fail. Although it has gotten much better over the years, my need for everything to be “perfect” got so bad that at one point (in 7th or 8th grade) I would use mousse to make my hair stick to my head so that there were no fly-aways. For some reason I had to have every piece of hair in place, since that would make it “perfect”. Luckily I soon realized there is no such thing as perfect and that phase was over. It wasn’t until I got older that I slowly realized that failing was actually a good thing.

Everything in life is about how you look at it. The same is true with failing. Every time I would do something wrong I use to get upset and start criticizing myself. In the past few years I slowly started looking at failing as not a bad thing, but a learning experience. Every time I did something wrong I started to take a step back and see where I went wrong, what I could improve on, and then try again. This one quote always sticks in my mind:

“You learn from failures, not from success”

I realized looking back at the times I’ve failed at something, that I learned more the times I failed then I did when I succeeded the first time. After all, failing is the stepping stones to success. It can be embarrassing, but there is no way of avoiding it in life and only makes you more human.

Failing has become a part of my daily life and I now welcome it with open arms. Although it’s never easy to fail, I now accept it instead of fear it, as I know I’ll be learning far more then if I had succeeded at first. If you’re like me and you struggle with the idea of failing (most people do), my advice would be to simply change your outlook, and remember that most of life’s greatest accomplishments were done by people who at first failed. Take your failures and turn them into motivation. And really the only time you ever truly fail is when you don’t learn anything.


This past week we’ve had quite a few warmer days that have had me wishing for spring. Although I love dresses, I can’t bring myself to wear them too much on cold winter days. So whenever warmer weather first comes around, I’m almost always wearing a dress. This window-pane minimal dress is perfect for a spring day. It’s from H&M and they sadly don’t sell it anymore, but I did link some similar ones down below! Since it wasn’t too warm out, I wore these polka dot tights and my white Gap slip-on sneakers. If you haven’t noticed, although I love clothing I’m all for comfort. So I don’t think I’ll ever not love the comfort and look of a dress with sneakers.

And that is a look at my thoughts on failing + a ‘spring’ OOTD. Let me know any experiences you’ve had with failing and the idea of failing! x

9 responses to “Fear of Failing + ootd”

  1. Rachael says:

    Love this outfit! I also have a HUGE fear of failing to the point where I don’t do things in case I fail 🙁 this is definitely not a good plan.

    Rachael xx.

  2. I see myself in what you write. People use to say to me, that I couldn’t to this or that, because I was not qualified enough.
    So I tried to do my best, but in the positive way, just like you say. Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

    Love the outfit. Simple and chic. The pictures are beautiful as well 🙂

  3. Jolien says:

    That dress look so good on you!

  4. Naomi says:

    Love this post and outfit! Where about is your bag from?

  5. Angie says:

    Love that outfit! Comfterable and stylish! I also have a fear of failing. At work and in my private life. I think at work I take it better if I fail because there I learn from it and be better next time. But in my private life Its worse. I am way to hard on myself! I am slowly learning thats ok to fail!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Angie! I’m way too hard on myself too. The best thing to do is remind yourself that you’re only human, and that if you never fail you never learn.

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