February Monthly Round-Up + OOTD


It’s the end of February! Hard to believe that we’re already two months done with 2017. Although it’s been filled with lots of work, it’s been a fun month. Instead of doing weekly round-ups this month, I thought I would do one for the whole month instead. Lots went on in February, so lets get into the round-up + a winter-to-spring OOTD!


A variety of blog posts went up in the month of February!

7 TIPS FOR GETTING OVER A CREATIVE ROAD BLOCK: There comes a time when we all hit a creative road block, whether it’s with blogging or work, so I put together a post on 7 tips to help get over one!

5 TIPS TO HELP WHEN YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR: Getting dressed in the morning can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what to wear. This post is on 5 tips that can help when picking an outfit!

HOW TO BALANCE BLOG AND WORK: Blogging is rewarding, but it can be hard to balance it with work. This post is on how I manage to do both and how you can too!

OOTD – BLUE WINTER: Winter is coming to an end, so I put together a OOTD post on a winter outfit filled with classic pieces + my favorite patterned coat.

HOW TO START A BLOG – WHAT TO DO BEFORE STARTING ONE: A new series was started on my blog this month, all about tips for starting a blog! This first post is all about what you should do before starting one.

FEAR OF FAILING + OOTD: A outfit post with my favorite winter/spring minimal dress + a chat about the fear of failing.

HOW I EDIT MY INSTAGRAM PHOTOS: My newest post is all about how I edit my Instagram photos! Be sure to give it a read to find out what app / filter I use + a step-by-step on how I edited one of my recent posts!


As you know I post almost every day on Instagram, so I thought I would give you a look at some of my favorite photos I’ve posted.

Be sure to give my Instagram a look through to see the other photos I posted throughout the month!


February has been a bit of a hectic month. This college semester is now in full swing, which means lots and lots of work. Although I enjoy what I’m studying, there are some days were it’s a bit overwhelming, but none the less rewarding! The weather has also taken a odd turn, and for quite a few days it has felt like spring. Although I have been enjoying the warmer days (and being about to start buying summer clothing), I’m waiting for the cold winter days to creep up again. This month has also been a planning month, with summer vacation approaching and hopefully some room decor changes coming soon. I’m excited to add some traveling posts to the blog this summer, and hopefully to my youtube channel too!


I have bought a few spring / summer pieces this month, but of course it is still a bit too chilly to wear them on their own. So to be able to wear them now I’ve been layering. This black dress that I got from H&M has become my favorite dress I own, and looks great with a knit sweater. This navy blue one is from H&M and fits perfectly over top. I am a huge lover of Vans, and I finally got myself a pair of slip-on ones! This pair is their classic one in the color windsor wine. It’s perfect for days were I’m doing a lot of walking.  I don’t wear watches too often, but when I do they’re from Charming Charlie. And last but not least my “lipstick’ is Glossier’s Generation G in jam!

And that’s it for February monthly round-up! Be on the lookout for many more posts to come in March.

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