March Monthly Round-Up + OOTD


We are one month closer to summer! The work year is officially in full swing, and I am counting down the days till the warm weather arrives and college breaks for a few months. March has been a busy month, so let’s get right in to the round-up + ootd!


This month on the blog there were posts of everything from becoming a morning person to tips for shopping online!:

Tips For Creating + Taking Flatlays: I use to be pretty bad at taking any form of flatlays, but through lots of errors I figured out some tips and tricks that have helped me, so I thought I would share them with you in this post!

Things I Want To Learn & Accomplish in my 20’s + OOTD: In October of last year I turned twenty and I started thinking of what I wanted to accomplish and learn in my twenties. I thought I would share them with you to give you some inspiration to make your own goal list, & I also share a look at one of my favorite patterned shirts that reminds me of the 60’s + a new coat!

How To Start A Blog – Picking A Platform: The second post in my how to start a blog series went up this month, and it was all about picking the right blogging platform for you! I share with you the pros and cons of using Blogger,, and! Be sure to give it a read to see which one would best fit you!

Online Shopping Tips: Over the past year I have done more and more of my clothing shopping online. Through trial and error I have figured out the best way to shop online without having too many disasters. To find out my tips for making online shopping easier, be sure to give the post a read!

How to Become a Morning Person + Smoothie Bowl Recipe: At the start of this year I decided to break my habit of sleeping in and become a morning person. As a natural night owl it was a bit of a challenge, but with some dedication and these tips I managed to start waking up at 6:30-7:00 AM! Be sure to give this post a read for some tips to help you start your days earlier + I  also share my go-to breakfast recipe that is too good not to try!

OOTD – Monochrome Simplicity: Although I love adding some color to my daily outfits, there are just some days where monochrome is my go-to. To see my monochrome outfit with a bomber jacket I forgot I owned and no black jeans for a change, be sure to give this post a look!

Photo Ideas for Instagram: Coming up with photos to post on Instagram can be a fun creative process, but there always come a time where you hit a creative roadblock. To help I shared a variety of my favorite photo ideas with you!


I’ve been trying to be more creative with my Instagram photos this month, and I’m excited to continually watch it grow! Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve posted this month, and be sure to give my Instagram a look to see the rest!

My favorite shot from my “Things I want to learn + accomplish in my twenties” post.

Every time I buy a new pillow my dog always has to lay on them, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a snap of this cuteness on my workspace.

We had a weird day where it randomly snowed in the morning, and of course I couldn’t help but go out and take some photos. I love this shot of the trees covered in snow. The green and white contrast beautifully.

A shot of a recent favorite outfit of mine featuring this gorgeous neutral sweater from Urban Outfitters + my favorite pair of glasses.

After finally painting my walls (yay!), I shared a look at the new color + my workspace changes.

Another shot of my favorite building in my city.

A birds eye view of my workspace one morning featuring my new plant.

A shot of my bedside area with a little spring fashion browsing.


With warmer weather coming I like to start wearing less heavy makeup. This month I discovered these lip and check stains from The Body Shop and I’ve fallen in love. They are perfect for adding some color to your lips, which I need since I am very pale, but without feeling like you’re wearing anything. They also work great as a blush! The three shades I own are red pomegranate, dusty rose, and deep berry.

Another love of mine is actually where I heard about these lip and check stains. I love finding out about different peoples beauty routines and what products the use. This month I loved reading this Into The Gloss Top Shelf article where Emma Watson shares her beauty routine. She uses mostly natural products, which can be so hard to find good quality ones, so I enjoyed discovering some new brands to try!


This month I finally said goodbye to my blue walled bedroom! I have had these bright blue walls, that you might have see in some of my Instagram photos or blog posts, since I was 11. It was finally time to say goodbye so I marked a weekend in my calendar for painting and with some help from my Dad, (it was mainly my dad who did most of the work), I now have white walls. This also means that I have been changing up some of my decor as well. Although it is a bit overwhelming with so many styles to choose from and I’m no where near done, it’s been a fun process. I’m a huge lover of home decor, so this process has been a dream come true for me.

I’ve also been trying to get a bit out of my head this month. Although I’ve gotten much better when it comes to self doubt, there still are times where I start to pick certain things I’m creating apart and luckily catch myself. My goal is to work on throwing doubt out the window and create things I love. I often find my biggest critic is myself and I need to start being more confident in what I’m doing.


I am still waiting for the warm weather, so it’s been a lot of comfy winter outfits this month. This oversized waffle knit sweater has quickly becoming my current favorite, so much so I also own it in grey! The color is beautiful and it’s perfect for throwing on with leggings. My favorite place to buy leggings has now become Aerie, and I love the color blocking detail at the bottom of this pair. I’ve been wearing my slip-on Vans a lot at the start of this month, so I’ve been trying to reach for my classic Old Skool Vans more.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this OOTD + monthly round-up of March x.

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