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As many of you know I am huge lover of clothes. This past year I have started doing most of my clothing shopping online and have fallen in love. I love how convenient it is + how many more options are just at the touch of your fingertips. However, with shopping online comes some difficulties you don’t experience when shopping in a store. So I thought I would put together a post on some tips I have used to help when shopping online!


Before shopping, always check the store return policy. Most stores have now made it so returns are easy, but there are still a few out there that do not. If it’s not just an online store, check if you can return items to a store near you. If you’re going to have to return it online make sure they give you a prepaid return label, so this way you don’t have to pay to send it back. Also always double check how long you have to return it and if you’ll get a full refund or store credit. There’s nothing worse than buying something and finding all this out afterwards! And don’t forget if you’re sending an item back make sure you get a tracking number, so if it disappears you can prove you actually did send it back.


Online shopping can quickly become an endless black hole. With so many options to choose from all at the comfort of your own home it can be a bit overwhelming. Before shopping online, make a list of what items you are looking for. Is it a summer dress or a winter coat? This will help you navigate the site better and not spend money on items you don’t need!


The one major downside of online shopping is you never know how exactly the items will look / fit on you. Always check the size guide provided and have someone help measure you. Although this won’t guarantee that the item will fit you, it will definitely help. Also if you’re still not sure what size to get, see if a blogger or youtuber has made a haul or post on this item and try to find what size they usually wear. This can help you know if the item runs big or small!


There is nothing worse than seeing an item online, ordering it, and when you get it it feels nothing like you thought it would. Always check the material before you buy something. Make sure it will be something that you will like + won’t be too see-through or not good quality. Also make sure the item is machine washable. I have bought so many items in the past without checking the care instructions and found out that it can only be washed by dry cleaner. Read every piece of information there is about the item before you hit the button to put it in your cart.


Many store will have sales going on online, but sadly not all of them will tell you right at the home page. Search to see if there are any deals, like a student discount, email sign-up discounts, or if any blogger has a discount code you can use. After all, there’s nothing better than saving a little when shopping online. And don’t forget to always give the sale page a browse!

A few of my personal favorite stores to shop online are ASOS, Aerie, H&M, EyeBuyDirect, and Urban Outfitters.

And that is it! Hope you found these tips for online shopping helpful, and let me know what your favorite store to shop online is!

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