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And we’re back with another post on Instagram! Having a variety of types of photos to post on Instagram will help keep your followers engaged and interested. Coming up with and taking these photos for Instagram can be an extremely fun creative process, but after a while it can be common to hit a creative roadblock. So to help you when you’re stuck on what photos to take, here are some Instagram photo ideas!

A few tips before taking photos: always take them when there is as much natural light as possible! You don’t want a dark photo that’s too dark to lighten. Make sure there is no clutter or distractions in the shot. There’s nothing more frustrating than after taking the photo seeing something you didn’t want to be in the shot. Also keep in mind, 95% of the photos you see on Instagram have probably been planned out before hand. Those items don’t just wind up there on their own. Now on to the photo ideas!

OOTD’S: Give a little look at your personal style and share some daily outfits! This can be anything from full body shots and detailed accessory shots, to a flatlay of what you plan on wearing for the day. Let your followers know where each item is from, and write a little bit about the outfit or why you chose to wear it for that particular day.

A Look at Where Your Live: You might not want to directly tell people where you live for safety reasons, but go for a walk around your town or city and take some photos of your favorite architecture, coffee shops, and anything in between. This gives your followers a look at what you see on a daily basis, plus everyone loves a good building shot right!?

Travel Photos: Have you been to any cool or interesting place these past few years? Share some photos of your trip on Instagram and give a little insight into where it was and what it was like in the caption. If you happen to have a favorite spot from the trip, share that too!

Beauty / Skincare Products: Share some photos of your favorite skincare or beauty products and write about what you love about each one in the caption. You can also share products that you haven’t really enjoyed too much as well. It’s always great to get a first hand opinion on a product. Also, get creative with how you take photos of the products: whether it is a flatlay with a patterned background, or some swatches of what the products look like.

A Look at Your Workspace: Share some snaps of where you do your work. Is it a desk or a little seating area? Take shots from different angles (a birds eye view is always a fun way to switch things up), show your workspace in action, and share your work process or what your working on in the caption.

Home Decor Shots: It seems everyone loves a good home decor photo, so show your followers a look at your space! Share different parts of your room or apartment, and describe your home decor style. It can anything from a shot of your comfy bed area, plants that you love, or even wall decor! This can be a great way to give your followers some inspiration while also letting them know a bit more about you.

Blog Photos: If you are a blogger be sure to share some photos from your blog on your Instagram as well! You don’t want to post every photo from a blog post, but post one-to-three from each post (make sure to spread them out over a week or two), and tell your followers about the post and where they can go and read it. (Be sure to post the link in your profile. This way it’s easier for them to get directly to the post!)

Recent purchases: Share a look at what recent purchases you’ve made, whether it’s beauty, clothing, or home decor items. Get creative with how you’re going to show them in a photo, and be sure to say where each item is from.

Your daily essentials: Have there been items that you just can’t go without on a daily basis? Share a look at some of your daily essentials for the day. You can do a simple flatlay or show them in action!

Morning Spread: What do your mornings look like? A cup of coffee in one hand and a magazine in the other, or all cuddled up in a blanket with your phone? Share a look at how you spend your mornings, whether it’s a shot from above of your coffee and work / reading materials, or your food and cozy hangout spot.

A look in Your Bag: It’s always interesting to see what people carry with them on a regular basis, so share a look at what you carry with you in your bag! You can have each item laid out or have them coming out your bag.

Work Essentials: Share a photo of your go-to work essentials. Is it a notebook you can’t go without, your computer and a cup of coffee, or a daily planner that keeps you organized?

A Daily Look At Your Life: Share different shots from your day. Whether it’s a cute coffee shop you went to in the morning, a new book your reading, or a walk with your dog- just be sure to give a little insight to how you spent the day!

And that is it! Just remember to be creative, stay true to your personal style, and share photos that you personally like! Be sure to give my other Instagram tips posts a read (5 Tips for Organically growing your Instagram + most used hashtags, Instagram Hashtag Guide, How I Edit My Instagram Photos), and let me know what photo idea is your favorite! Also be sure to come on over to my Instagram and say hi!

4 responses to “Photo Ideas For Instagram”

  1. I feel like I’m really bad at being active on Instagram, because I only share photos that I’ve take for my blog. Perhaps this is something I can work on throughout the year x

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I use to do the exact opposite! I would never post photos that I took for my blog. I look forward to seeing what photos you post! x

  2. Madara says:

    YES! Thank you for sharing ideas what to post. I really struggle with a good IG strategy. 😉

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