Things I want to learn & accomplish in my 20’s + OOTD


I turned twenty in October, and so far it’s been great. I’m always planning and setting goals for myself, and I’ve started to think about where I want my life to go while I’m in my twenties. I thought I would share with you a look at the bigger things I want to learn + accomplish in my twenties + a winter OOTD!


A fun fact about me: I am at first a pretty shy person. It takes me awhile to open up to people I just met, and I am also horrible at public speaking. So in my twenties I want to work on improving my public speaking and start being more open to talking to strangers. This means putting myself in uncomfortable situations, but it’s a skill that I believe will really benefit me throughout my life. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be completely comfortable with public speaking, but there is always room to grow.


I absolutely love photography and creating videos, however there is still so much for me to learn. I want to always keep on learning and expanding my knowledge on all things photography. Although it’s not something I think I’ll ever pursue as a career, having the expanded knowledge will help me improve both my blog, and hopefully my youtube channel. I hope to start setting aside time to start learning more about my camera, different filming techniques, and everything in between!


This is something I’ve been working on for a few years now, and although I’ve gotten better at it, I would like to work more on it in my twenties. I always find myself comparing myself to others when it comes to the content I am creating. There are some moments in time when it gets a little bad, and I plan to work on having those moments less and less. I know there is no way to get rid of it completely, as I am human, but I would like to work on improving it as best I can. After all, one persons success/content/ etc. does not take away from yours!


Another fun fact about me: I am absolutely horrible at learning other languages. I once took 3 days of French and then dropped out so I wouldn’t fail because I couldn’t understand a single thing. So instead of striving to learn a whole new language, I’d like to learn enough where I’d be able to hold a simple conversation. The language I am thinking about is Italian, as Italy is where my Dad’s ancestors came from. Although this is not on the top of my list of things to learn in my twenties, I’m still hoping to make some form of progress on it.


This has always been goal of mine since I was a child and I really want to accomplish it in my twenties. I love traveling and the idea of visiting all 50 states has always appealed to me. I have already been all up the east and west coast, as well as some states right off the coast, and this summer I am starting to visit more states towards the middle of the country. I hope to stay at least one night in all 50 states and explore what each one has to offer.


I always strive to create more and throughout my twenties I want to give myself time to do just that without being too critical of myself. I want to continue to create blog posts and grow my blog, as well as creating videos for my youtube channel and other content. Even if it’s not the best of products, I want to continuously be creating and trying out new stuff, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.


After the one week of spring weather, we have now gone back to the cold of winter. Although I have already bought some summer pieces, this gives me the chance to get the most wear out of my winter clothes. This patterned button-up top from Monki is one of my favorite tops finds of the season. I love how the print is graphic but not too overwhelming. Sadly since I got it on sale they no longer sell it, but I did link a few similar ones from Monki down below so be sure to have a look! This blue sherpa jacket is something I got back in October. I fell in love with the sherpa jackets and when I saw this one from the Gap I added it to my never ending coat collection. Although I normally grab my longer coats when I’m running out the door, this one is perfect for more casual days.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this look at what I want to accomplish in my twenties, and be sure to let me know if you have anything you want to learn / accomplish in the coming years!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    These are all things I want to learn in my twenties! that and how to cook haha x

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