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I have been blogging regularly for over 6 months now, and I by no means am a professional photographer, but with some learning I have found the best equipment for me as a blogger at this time. Since I love learning what equipment other people use to create their photos or blog posts, I thought I would share you with what I use for blogging- everything from what camera to who takes my photos, + a little look at my blogging process!

How I Take My Photos:

The camera I use to take all of my photos is the Canon T3i / 600D (which I sadly can’t photograph since I’m using it to take these photos!). I have had this camera for a few years now and although it isn’t the fanciest of cameras, I love the photos it takes. They sadly don’t sell this camera anymore, but one of the T i cameras from Canon are great for starting out. I prefer to spend my money on lenses, as I find they make the most difference when it comes to taking photos!

The two lenses I use are the Canon kit lens 18-55mm and the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. Although I do occasionally use the kit lens for scenery shots and some lifestyle shots, I use my 50mm one for almost all of my photos, including outfits. I find it blurs the background just enough and is a great quality lens for its affordable price!

When I’m on the go I store my camera in this EveCase DSLR camera shoulder bag that I got off of Amazon. It’s perfect for bringing my camera and two lenses around with me and keeping them protected. The tripod I use is this 72-inch one I also purchased off of Amazon. I use to have a smaller one, but I find it easier to take photos myself when using a taller tripod. It’s not the best quality tripod, but for the price and height it works good for me now!

Who Takes My Photos:

All of my outfit photos are taken by my lovely mom. I’m very fortunate that my mom has a flexible job that makes it possible for her to take outfit photos for me throughout the week. Although she isn’t a professional photographer, she has a love for taking photos and always makes taking them comfortable. All of my other photos I take myself. It does take more time and planning, but it’s the process I have found works best for me.

How I Take My Photos By Myself:

I take all of my non-outfit photos myself with the help of my best friend: this Amazon Basics wireless remote control. This remote is a lifesaver when it comes to taking photos yourself. I use to have to go up the camera, focus it, and then run back in the 10 seconds I was given to be in the photo. I now just set the camera on my tripod, set it to the remote control / 10 second timer setting, and snap away! It does take a lot of going back and forth to see how the photos turn out, but it’s the best way to take photos by yourself!

My Blogging Process:

At the end of each month I make a basic layout of what blog posts I’m going to post for the next month. I put all of them on my ICalendar so I can move them around easily if any need to be changed. Once I have the whole month planned out I start making an outline for my next blog post. I type up the basic points I want to write about, and then start thinking about the photos I want to take. If it’s an outfit I usually will already have one planned out. For lifestyle posts I’ll look at my photo idea log in my notes on my phone and come up with a few different shots I want to take.

I then set a day where I take all of my photos, and once I’m done I import them onto my computer. I sort through all of them and start narrowing them down. This usually takes me about 5 times to narrow them down to the ones I want. Next I write up a complete draft of my post. I find writing the post first helps with figuring out where in the post to insert the photos. Once I’m done writing the post I will then edit my photos and put them in the post. I then proofread it about 5-10 times, and last but not least I put the post live!

Throughout the month I always have a page in my planner and a note in my phone where I write down any blog ideas and a mini outline. I also like to write down any photo ideas, so when the time comes I’m all prepared!

And that is my blogging process and equipment! Hope you enjoyed this look at how I blog, and if you have any questions let me know! x

4 responses to “My Blogging Equipment + Blogging Process”

  1. Kara says:

    I really enjoyed this! I too get my mum or my boyfriend to take outfit shots for me. But I prefer using my mum because she has more of an interest in photography and tries her hardest!

    Haha! I’m currently doing the running back and forth because I haven’t bought a remote yet, I’ve got a tripod so I’m halfway there!

    I really need to buy my Nikon a 50mm lens, I love the blurry background and make outfit posts look more professional!

    Thanks for sharing, fellow Kara!!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Kara! You should definitely get the remote, it makes taking photos so much easier. Also, amazing name! It’s always so cool to find someone with it spelled with a K! x

  2. Simone says:

    Thank you for your blogger tips! It’s always nice to learn how the others are working. You are so lucky having your mom to do your shots, my best friend is my tripod 🙂 xx Simone from Zurich

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