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I have loved fashion and clothing since I was a little girl. I use to insist on picking out my own outfits and would always love wearing new things. Over the years my love for fashion has grown. I have discovered new stores that I love over the past few years that have really changed the way I dress. I now have more options to choose from, which has resulted in me slowly by surly building a wardrobe I love. Since I shop at a variety of stores, I thought I would put together a list of my favorite clothing brands and stores to share with you! From a kinda-of-shopaholic, here are my favorites!


I had heard about Zara for years, but sadly there isn’t one near where I live. I finally had the chance to go to a Zara last summer while on vacation in Seattle and I instantly fell in love. I love that there is a variety of styles to choose from all within a variety of price ranges as well! I find Zara is really good for more classic, minimal pieces that can be worn for seasons to come. My favorite item I’ve ever bought there so far are my black culottes. I wear them with so many outfits, and they are perfect for spring and summer. I also am a huge fan of their body suits, dresses, and pants!

This season I’ve been doing most of my shopping online at Zara. Their spring/summer clothing has been the best out of any store I’ve shopped at. Shopping online at Zara is extremely easy, especially since they’ve added a feature to most of their items where you put in everything from your height, body shape to the fit you want, and it will tell you what size you should be! I’ve made quite a few summer purchases from them this month, including this grey t-shirt, and I know there will be more to come.


The Loft is one of those stores where it usually takes me a few visits to find an item I like. The only reason for that is because most of their items do tend to run on the business dressy side, which is not my wardrobe. That being said, they make some beautiful dresses and tops, which is why I decided to include them in my favorites. I have gotten a few key pieces from there over the years, and they make some great dresses for more dressy occasions like graduations and weddings. I also have gotten a few skirts from here in the past few years, including this denim one!


I discovered ASOS about a while back, but only started shopping on there more regularly for the past year. I was a bit skeptical since it is completely online and we all know that online shopping can be a nightmare. But ASOS makes online shopping a breeze! They categorize everything so well, and the size guides that they provide for each item are pretty accurate. I’ve very rarely had to return something because it didn’t fit. There are two things however that set ASOS apart from other online stores. They allow you to save items that you love to a saved items page so you can buy them in the future (which is something I wish every online store would do). It’s perfect for narrowing down what you love on the whole website, and then deciding which few items you want to buy. The second thing that sets them apart is for every clothing item they give you a video of that item in motion. Photos are great, but they never really show an item that well. The videos make it so easy to see how each item really sits on the body, the true color, and the material. I have found that this feature has saved me many times from buying items that are too sheer.

There are a endless amounts of brands on ASOS, and although I have nowhere near tried them all, I so far have two favorites. I love ASOS’s own brand. Their items are good quality and the price matches the quality for almost all of the items. I have gotten coats, t-shirts, pants, and more from ASOS’s own brand and so far I’ve loved every piece. This t-shirt from my get to know me post is one of my most recent purchases from their basics line.

My other favorite brand from ASOS is Monki. Since I live in the US Monki sadly doesn’t ship here, but luckily ASOS carries the brand. I love the Nordic vibe of their clothes and that they run more slightly oversized. This brand is perfect for more causal attire but with a fun twist! I have quite a few winter dresses and spring tops from Monki and am looking forward to seeing their summer pieces.


I am all for cute shoes that are comfortable, and Aerosoles does just that. Although I only have a few pair of shoes from there since they are more on the pricier side. Their shoes have a comfort sole that makes it ten times more comfortable to walk around in. My most recent purchase from there are these black suede heels that I love for summer. The details are beautiful and they’re one of the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever owned!


I am a huge purse fan, and have tried a variety of brands since I was a teenager. Nine West is one of my top favorite accessory brands. I love their purses, especially their cross-body ones. I also have a few pairs of shoes from them that I love as well. However, I never actually buy any Nine West items from a Nine West store. I buy all of my them from either Marshalls or DSW. I find you can get extremely cute items for about half the price!


I have been shopping at the Gap for quite a few years now and that’s all because of their jeans. I often find it hard to find jeans that fit both my waist and my hips, but the Gap has done it. My favorite style of jeans from them are their high-rise skinny in black. Their jeans last years so they are definitely worth the slightly more pricey price tag. I also like to get some of my coats and jackets from the Gap as well. Overall their clothing items are made to last, and they’re great for picking up pieces you plan on wearing for years. Their items do tend to run a bit big, so keep them in mind if you shop there!


I’ve been shopping at H&M for quite a few years now. They are my go to store for sweaters in the winter. I’m not a huge fan of their spring and summer clothes, as I find the quality goes down and the prices are a bit high for the lack of quality. That being said, they make great sweaters that are perfect for winter. They have a variety of styles to choose from, although keep in mind the clothes aren’t made to last for many seasons. I also have gotten quite a few of my winter coats from there as well.


I use to never wear sneakers because they reminded me of when I was a child and would wear running shoes with everything. Recently in the past few years I’ve gotten back in to wearing sneakers and Vans is my favorite store for them! I have a pair of their slip on sneakers, which are perfect for running out the door, and their low top old skool sneakers, which I love wearing with dresses. Since they are skate shoes, they have great support and are perfect for days where lots of walking is involved.

And those are my favorite clothing stores and brands! I do shop at a few other stores, but these are the places where most of my wardrobe comes from, and that I truly love. Let me know what you’re favorite clothing store or brand is!



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  1. Kat says:

    This is a great post! I really love your outfit! Zara and H&M are my go to stores.

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