Winter to Spring Fashion: 5 Key Pieces To Have


Spring is here, which means it is time to bring out the warm weather clothing! Figuring out what to wear in the odd few months between winter and summer can be tricky. In the morning it’s chilly and by mid day it’s warm. To help I thought I would share with you my 5 key pieces to have in your wardrobe for the winter to spring transition!


Layering will be your best friend in the in between months of warm and chilly weather. You’ll leave the house in the morning cold and chances are by mid day you’ll be too hot in what you’re wearing. Having a few light-weight sweaters to throw on over a t-shirt or dress, that you can take off in the middle of the day will keep you comfortable all day long! And this way you can still wear that cute spring shirt or dress without being cold. The good thing about this is you can also wear it again in the fall.


As soon as the warm weather begin most of use want to start bringing out the dresses. Having a midi or maxi dress is perfect for spring because you can throw on a jacket and your legs won’t be cold. You can also wear them in the summer with a cute pair of sandals. Some of my favorite stores for midi or maxi dresses are ASOS, Zara, and & Other Stories!


Having at least one light weight jacket will help going into spring when the mornings are a bit too chilly. My personal favorite styles of light-weigh jackets are utility jackets, slightly oversized denim jackets, or a bomber jacket. These are great for layering under heavier jackets, wearing over a spring dress, or with the classic t-shirt and jeans.


A graphic tee is great item to have in your wardrobe for spring that can also be worn in other seasons too! A graphic tee goes great with jeans and a denim jacket, layered under a tank top, or with a skirt and mini heels.


Cropped pants seem to be everywhere this year and for good reason. They’re perfect for those slightly warmer days where you can’t wear shorts just yet. You can always purchase a pair or you can even crop your favorite pair of jeans yourself. Some of my favorite brands for cropped pants and jeans are ASOS and Monki. If cropped jeans aren’t really your style, culottes are also a great comfortable choice!

And those are my 5 key pieces for a winer to spring wardrobe! Let me know what your go-to item for the spring time is x

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