May Monthly Round-Up + OOTD


We are coming up to 2017 being almost half way over! Time has flown by and my first month of summer is already over. This month has been filled with lots of planning for next month’s vacation and hot summer days. I usually find being off from college to be too much free time, but I’ve managed to fill it with lots of work, both blogging and other. Like always, here is a roundup of May, with everything from posts to music and bodysuits!

On The Blog

A lot of lifestyle and blogging tips posts went up this month!

How To Update Old Blog Posts To Grow Traffic: Once you’ve been blogging for awhile you start to build up a library of older blog posts. You also start to develop your own blogging style that you might not have used in pervious blog posts. Updating old blog posts is an amazing tool to help grow traffic to those posts. Give this post a read to see how you can update your old posts to match your current blogging style!

A Guide To Blogging Over Summer: Summer can come with more free time, which can throw off your usual blogging schedule. I put together a guide to help you be consistent with blogging this summer so be sure to have a look!

How To Spend Less As A Blogger: As a blogger it can be easy to feel like you have to spend a lot of money. This is actually the furthest thing from the truth! Read this post to see tips to help you spend less as a blogger + one of my favorite classic outfits featuring my new staple blazer in my wardrobe.

New In Beauty: Nudestix Review: This past month I discovered this makeup brand while shopping at Ulta and was instantly intrigued. Because it wasn’t a brand I had heard too much of before, I put together a review of the 4 products I picked up. Have a read to see what I though of everything from eyebrows to red lip!

My Summer Goals + OOTD: I have three months off for summer and to be productive I made a list of some goals I want to accomplish given I have more free time. To help you create your own list of goals I thought I would share mine with you + this outfit of this midi dress that is perfect for any summer occasion.

How To Start A Blog: What To Do After Creating One: This is the final post in my how to start a blog series! I started with what to do before creating one, and now after more posts here is a post all about what to do after you are all done creating your blog. Be sure to have a read to see the next step and don’t forget to read the rest in this series if you haven’t already.

My Space: How I Turned My Bedroom Into a “Studio Apartment” Last year I took my bedroom and made it into my own mini “studio apartment.” I am in love with the space and I thought I would give you guys a look at it! Have a browse to see the place I call home and where everything is from + to read my tips for taking your bedroom and creating your own “studio apartment”!


As always, I’ve been posting on Instagram this month, although I did give myself a few needed days off. Here is a look at my 7 top favorite posts, and don’t forget to follow along here to see my other posts!


After discovering the brand NudeStix, they have quickly become a love of mine this month. I don’t want to give too much away as to why I love the products because that’s what the review does, but I would definitely recommend giving this brand a try! Another love of mine this month has been Zara. I only started shopping at Zara last summer because they don’t have a store where I live, and while on vacation I finally managed to go shopping at one. I am in love with their spring/summer clothing this season, and have done way too many online orders these past few months. The quality of their items is great, and I love that they have a range of prices.

I don’t talk about music ever on my blog and that’s because over the years I’ve found less and less songs and artists that I personally love. I’ve been a fan of Ruth B for a year now, and she just this month she realized an album and I am in love with it. I always love songs that have more piano in them than any other instrument, and all the songs off the album are amazing. My top favorite songs from the album are Mixed Signals, Superficial Love, and In My Dreams.


This month has been filled with lots of work in preparation for my trip next month. I’ll be gone for 2 and a half weeks and I wanted to get all of my blog posts for the month of June done before I leave. So far so good, so there will be a post as usual twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday) when I’m away! It was a bit of a challenge working on May’s and June’s posts at the same time since I’ve never had to do that before, but luckily I was able do it. Since May is almost over that means a whole month of my summer is already gone. Although I haven’t completed much of my summer goals, I’m excited for what the rest of the summer has in store!


When I first started seeing bodysuits in stores and online I was not that big of a fan. It took me awhile to try one on and last summer I purchased my first one from Zara. I’m now in love with them and am always on the hunt for new ones. This off-the-shoulder crossed one from Zara is one of my more recent purchases. I love how simple it is yet perfect for wearing with either jeans or a skirt. For every day I like to pair the bodysuit with my favorite pair of high waisted jeans from ASOS. These are the Farleigh mom jeans from ASOS and they fit amazingly! If you’re looking for a pair of high waisted jeans, I would definitely recommend trying these. And my new favorite shoes are these sandals from Madden Girl. I love how they’re easy to slip on and head out the door.

And that is May’s monthly round-up! Have a catch up of the last month in posts and be on the lookout for more to come in June!

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