My Summer Goals + OOTD


Summer is officially in full swing for me and that means I have three and a half months off from college. This can be a lot of time for anyone to have off and although I still have my part time job, I still have to figure out how I’m going to spend this new found free time. If you’re like me and you’re not sure what to do, start by writing out a list of your summer goals. Figure out what goals you want to tackle and accomplish over the summer and how you’re going to do that. To help, I thought I would share with my goals for the summer + an OOTD of this gorgeous summer dress that’s perfect for any summer occasions!

Improving my Photography

This summer I want to spend some time improving my photography. I want to learn more about the basics and practice taking a variety of shots with different composition, lighting, etc. I bought myself a new lens to play around with and my plan is to spend some days out and about taking photos of everything and anything. I don’t except to become a photography master, but dedicating some time to learning and practicing is what my goal is.


The cliche answer to what one of my goals this summer is is of course to travel. I love traveling but often during the year with everyone in my family’s conflicting schedules we only ever get to go on weekend trips somewhere we can drive to. However, every summer we take a 2+ week trip somewhere and I’m super excited for this years one. We’re doing a lot of national parks, which will be both beautiful and great for working on my photography. My goal is to finish all my work before hand so I can focus on enjoying the trip and not have to worry about any posts that have to be created. (Don’t worry- there will still be a post every Tuesday and Saturday when I’m away!)

Practice Coding

This semester I took an intro to HTML and CSS basics course and fell in love with it. It was my favorite course of the semester and since it will be quite a few months till I take another course, I plan on spending at least a day each week practicing what I learned. I also hope to be creating a few projects for some hopefully future plans. I’m excited to push my knowledge and see what I can create when given the freedom!

Blog Blog Blog!

Naturally one of my goals is to continue over the summer blogging twice a week. I have fallen in love with blogging and love the creative freedom I get, and how I can mix photography, writing, fashion, and lifestyle all into one. My goal is to spend more time on my blog and really put my whole effort into each post. I also want to spend the summer connecting with more bloggers and growing my creativity when it comes to coming up with post or photo ideas.

Finally Learn Photoshop & Lightroom

I have had all the Adobe programs since the start of the year and the only one I kind of know how to use is Illustrator. My plan this summer is to finally sit down and go through the Adobe tutorials on how to use Photoshop and Lightroom. It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn for years and this is finally the summer where I’m going to do it. I want to learn the basics of each and start being able to use them more frequently with my work.

Get Lots of Sun

Because I work on the computer for both blogging, school, and my job, I often find myself not getting enough sunshine except for my morning walks a few times a week. I started sitting outside more in the spring and my goal is to start sitting outside this summer for at least an hour every day when the weather will allow me. I have created myself a little outdoor work area that I can go and do all my work while still getting some fresh air. I find being outside helps with reenergizing me and with a fan there really is no excuse for me not too.


This striped wrap dress was a find of mine when I was looking for a dress for my brothers college graduation. When I saw it I knew it would be the perfect dress for any summer occasion I might have. I don’t own any wrap dresses or midi dresses, so it was the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Although the LOFT doesn’t sell this dress anymore, they do have perfect summer occasion dresses. I linked a few that I love down below so have a browse! These heeled sandals from Aerosoles are my go-to for dressing up an outfit but still keeping it everyday. Although they’ve taken a few wears to break in, I can already tell they’ll be a staple shoe in my summer collection.

And those are my summer goals + a summer occasion OOTD! I’m excited to start tackling each one and enjoying my next three months off from college.

Do you have any goals for this summer? Let me know what they are in the comments below!


4 responses to “My Summer Goals + OOTD”

  1. Oooh how exciting. Enjoy your time off. I definitely want to really delve into improving my photography. I feel like it’s been too inconsistent lately.


    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Sonia! I feel like I’ll always be wanting to improve my photography. There’s just so much to learn and explore! Hope improving your photography goes well xx

  2. Kim says:

    Enjoy your summer off! I totally miss that feeling now that I have to work 😛 I love that you’re interesting in learning more about photography, editing, and web design/coding! All of my favorite things! They’re super easy to learn on your own through Youtube and online resources too! You’ll be a pro by the end of August!

    Simply Lovebirds

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Kim! I’m trying to get the most of the summers I have off before I graduate. I never thought too much about using Youtube, so I’ll definitely have to give that a try! x

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