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Blogging comes with many ups and downs, and it always can come with some creative road blocks. Whether you are just staring out with blogging or you’ve been doing it for a while, you will come to a point where you’re not sure what post to create. Just like my other blog post ideas posts, here are 18 beauty blog post ideas to help you grow your blog and be consistent!

Top 5 Makeup Products: If you could only pick 5 products out of your makeup collection, which would they be? Share with your readers your top 5 products that you love and tell them what makes them so great. You can also do the same for skincare products!

Products you regret buying: Create a post of makeup or skincare products you regret buying. You can create one for high-end products and one for drugstore products. Share with your reader why you wish you didn’t buy them, and what products you prefer instead.

Products You Dislike Series: Share with your readers the products you’ve tried but didn’t like. You can do it all in one post, or create a series on your blog and separate it into categories such as foundation, concealer, etc. People love to read about products even if someone didn’t like them, because they feel like they’re getting an honest review.

Skincare routine: Give your readers a look into your skincare routine. Share what products you use, how you like to use them, and if you have any tips for using them. You can do one for your morning skincare and one for your night skincare

Skincare tips for each skin type: Have any skincare tips for dry, oily, or combination skin? Share your tips with your readers for your particular type and what products you find help. You can also talk about what products you suggest they steer clear of!

Your Daily Face: Give a look at the makeup you wear on a daily basis! Share some photos and explain your product-by-product makeup routine and how you apply each one.

Wedding / Graduation Makeup: One of the perks of being a beauty blogger is you can create endless looks for different occasions. Share a makeup look that you think would be perfect for a wedding, graduation, or any other occasion you can think of!

Makeup Storage Tips: With so many makeup storage ideas and solutions, it can be hard for people to decide which one is best for them. Share with your readers how you store your makeup and any tips you have for making it simpler and take up less space!

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips: When I first started wearing makeup I had no idea how or when to clean my brushes. Share in a post how you clean your makeup brushes, how long to wait to do it, and what products you use + any tips!

When You Should Get Rid of Makeup: Most people aren’t quite sure when they should get rid of makeup. Share with your readers when each type of makeup product expires and when they should get rid of it!

Top Cruelty Free / Vegan Makeup: It can hard when switching over to cruelty free or vegan makeup to know what products are best and which one are actually cruelty free. Put together a post of your top cruelty free or vegan brands and products as a guide for those looking to make the switch!

Hair Care Routine: Share with your readers your hair care routine for your hair type (curly, straight, etc). Share what products you use and what products you would suggest they avoid.

5 Minute Curls/Waves: Everyone is always looking for quick, easy ways to do their hair in the mornings. Share your tips and tricks for getting 5-10 minute waves or curls! You could also share some quick, put together hairstyles that take no time.

How To Find The Perfect Brow Shade: It can hard to figure out what shade you should buy for brow products, so share with your readers how they can find their perfect brow shade. You can also include in the post what type of brow product (powder, pencil, gel, etc) would be best, and the difference between using them and the look they give your brows.

How Not To Apply Makeup: We all have had that moment when applying makeup where we question if you are doing it right. Share with your readers how they should be applying their makeup. Include side by side photos with one showing how it shouldn’t be done and one showing the correct way. This will help give your readers a better idea of what you are talking about!

Travel Makeup Tips + Face: There is always the question of how much makeup should you wear when traveling in order to take care of your skin. Put together a post on your go-to makeup for traveling + any tips you have. You can also do a skincare travel post as well!

Favorite Makeup Brand: Share with your readers your favorite makeup brand and your top products from that brand. You can do one for drugstore and one for a high end brand. As always, you can also do one for hair and skincare!

Makeup On The Go: Share how you touch up your makeup on the go. What products do you put in your bag before heading out the door and what tips do you have for using them throughout the day?

And those are 18 beauty blog post ideas you can create to help you be consistent with blogging! Be sure to give my other blog post ideas a read for some more ideas! (25 lifestyle blog post ideas, 25 fashion blog post ideas, 20 blogging tips blog post ideas).

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