How To Create A Wardrobe You Love + Will Actually Wear


As someone who has a love for clothing and shopping, I use to buy items when I was younger that I would only wear once or twice. I realized as I got older how that wasn’t a good thing and I felt like I was waisting my money (which I was). I started being more conscious of what I was buying and strived to put together a wardrobe that I actually loved and would wear more than a few times. I have finally done this, and am so happy with the wardrobe I have built. I thought I would share with you my tips for creating a wardrobe you actually love and will wear! So if you’re struggling with building your clothing wardrobe, this is the post for you!

Say No To Items You Like

One of the things you have to get use to when shopping is saying no to items that you only like. I would repeatedly find items I liked but didn’t love and buy them but only wear them a few times. Buying items you love will help you create a wardrobe that when you pick out what to wear for the day, you’ll actually love what you see! Now there will be days where you might not like an item (it happens to all of us), but sticking to items you love will be better overall.

It may take you awhile to find items you love, but be patient and know it will be worth it in the end. If you’re not sure on an item, I would suggest keeping the tag on it and trying it once every day for a week. If you love it for a majority of those days, keep it. If not- don’t! Being more wise with what you purchase will be better in the future. After all, quality over quantity, or in this case love over like!

Size & Fit Are Everything

Having all the items in your wardrobe fit you are extremely important. If you’re not in love with the size of something, whether it’s a bit too small or too big, chances are you’re less likely to pick it to wear. Stick to items that fit you well, flatter you, and that you fell confident and comfortable in!

90% / 10%

I like to call this rule the 90%/10% rule. Have you wardrobe be filled with 90% of classic, timeless pieces that you love and won’t go out of style. Have 10% of your wardrobe be more trend pieces that you might not be wearing in 2-3 years, but you still love wearing them now. This way your wardrobe won’t be filled with tons of styles that in one year you’ll look at and question why you ever bought it.

Quality over Quantity

It can be easy to be drawn to more cheaper clothing items than pieces that are a bit more expensive. Try to remember that the quality of the item is more important than having a lot of pieces in your wardrobe. There is nothing worse than an clothing item you love not making it through over years worth of wear. That doesn’t mean you have to buy extremely expensive items, just make sure that the quality of the item is good and worth the price you’re paying. If it seems too expensive for the material, or something you wouldn’t wear in a year from now, purchase something else.

Neutrals are Best

It can be great to have fun colors and patterns in your wardrobe, but chances are neutral colors are what you’re going to be reaching for for years. That doesn’t mean you can’t have bright colors or patterns in your wardrobe, but try to keep them to a minimum. Having the mindset of buying items that you plan to wear for at least a year will help.

Comfort is Key

Filling your wardrobe with pieces you are comfortable in will be the key to actually wearing them. There are clothing items that are beautiful but sadly are just not practical for every day life. Make sure the items you are wearing are comfortable to sit, stand, walk, and more around in. I learned in my high school freshman year sewing class that you should always sit in the items in the dressing room to see how they feel and look. Also always try the items on at home before taking off the tag. Double check that you really do love it and feel good it in before wearing it.

And those are my tips to help you build a wardrobe you actually love + will be reaching for every piece. Let me know if you use any of these, and how you have found creating a wardrobe you love to be!

Romper: Zara | Blazer: Zara | Bag: Nine West | Mules: Franco Sarto

4 responses to “How To Create A Wardrobe You Love + Will Actually Wear”

  1. Kim says:

    If only I had read this post when I was in middle school/high school where 90% of my wardrobe was from Forever 21 and fast fashion stores, haha! These are great tips. Now that I’m older, I wear neutral colors, classics and comfortable clothes too.

    Simply Lovebirds

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Most of my wardrobe in high school was from Forever 21 too! Thanks Kim! I’m the same when it comes to clothing x

  2. Helen says:

    Loved this post! I agree with the trying things on multiple times on with the tag to decide if you actually love it! Great post and lovely photos!

    x Helen

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Hi there! Kara'sCloset is a lifestyle blog where I share my adventure through my twenties, life's simple moments, and blogging tips with lots of outfits in between. I'm glad you're here, and I hope you find some inspiration!