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I am very lucky that almost every year I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel. Whether it’s a drive for a weekend trip or a plane ride for a 2+ week summer vacation, I’ve figured out how to travel efficiently and comfortably. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable when traveling, or being so unsure and unorganized that you become stressed. You will always encounter stressed people and unplanned situations- that’s just how traveling is! Since I’ve learned the hard way when it comes to traveling, I’m going to share with you some tips for whether you’re driving or flying, as well as what my ideal travel outfit is for being as comfortable as possible!

Charge All Devices to 100% before leaving

You never know if you’re going to be delayed or if there won’t be any charging stations available at the airport, so always make sure ALL of your devices are charged 100% before leaving. There is nothing more frustrating¬†than having a device die on you mid trip. Start charging them 2 hours before you’re going to leave, and do a double check that you didn’t forget any devices or chargers behind before you head out!

Check your airlines Carry on suitcase size limit

Always check the size of the airline you’re flying carry one size limit, because you might not even need to check a bag! I have seen so many people use small carry bags on airlines that allow you to use a much bigger one. Every airline allows you one personal item (purse,backpack,etc) and one carry on. When traveling with my family all 4 of us have a carry on filled with all of our clothes and shoes for the trip, and then check one bag filled with bigger items and toiletries. Knowing the biggest size you can bring can help you save money, and it means you won’t be missing any clothes because your bag won’t get lost!

Be Aware of Cleanliness

You would be surprised how much of the plane actually isn’t the cleanest. Bring some wipes with you and clean off the food tray and your armrests before using them. Also if you can, avoid getting anything on the plane with ice or any water. You would be shocked at how that water really isn’t the best or cleanest for you!

Get Food Before Getting On The Plane

Before boarding your plane, buy any food you may want. Food on airplanes as we all know is expensive, and often not the best. Bring an empty water bottle with you so you can fill that up as well before getting on the plane. All airports have water fountains, and some even have stations where you can easily fill up bottles. You can also always bring any non liquid, not opened snacks with you through security. If you’re driving buy snacks in advance so you won’t have to make that many extra stops while on the road.

Have In Flight & Car activities already planned

Plan before hand how you’re going to spend your travel time. You can spend your time reading a book or magazines, listening to music, watching a movie, doing work on your laptop, or much more. Have everything you would need already done before getting on the plane or in the car. Download anything such as movies or music that needs to be downloaded, and always have backups, because there is nothing more frustrating than realizing what you wanted to do won’t work!

Be Aware of Your Items At All Times

Traveling is a very hectic time, with lots going on, so just be sure to keep an eye on all your belongings. Don’t put anything in the pocket in front of your seat that you wouldn’t be okay with possibly leaving behind. Also make sure you have everything before leaving for baggage claim. Once you leave that area of the airport you can’t get back in.

Relax and Realize You’re Not The Only One That Has A Place to Get to

Everyone is stressed out at airports and it’s understandable. Keep in mind that everyone has a place they want to go and be kind to other travelers. I have seen too many people yell and get snappy at people who have no control over the weather or why their flight got canceled. Always put everything into perspective and see the big picture. You will get where you’re going eventually, so relax, enjoy yourself, and laugh at anything that goes wrong. Being less stressed will make the whole travel experience that much more enjoyable.

Go-To Travel Outfit + Tips

You always want to be as comfortable as possible when traveling. Everyone has a preference when it comes to traveling on whether they want to look “dressy” or just being casual. Regardless, always wear outfits that you can sit in for a long time. That means no tight pants, and I would advise avoiding skirts or dresses since you will have to be lifting luggage and moving around a lot. I like to wear culottes because they are comfortable for sitting and they are perfect regardless if the plane is warm or cold. This pair is from Zara and the pockets make them perfect for carrying my smaller items!

I would suggest wearing layers so you can adjust accordingly to if the plane is hot or cold. I like to wear a tank top and have either a sweater or a jacket to throw on top. You also want shoes you can easily slip on and off but still be able to run in if you have to. My favorite shoes for traveling are the Vans slip-on sneakers. They provide amazing support and are perfect for slipping off to get through security. And because they do weight a lot that means I can bring them on my trip but will have more room in my luggage! If you have bigger or heavier items such as a chunky sweater in your wardrobe that you want to bring with you, you might want to wear them when traveling so you have more space.

Although some of the items from my go-to travel outfit are not longer sold, I linked some similar items for you down below!

And that is my go to travel outfit + some of my traveling tips! Hope you found these tips helpful, and let me know if you have any trips planned for this summer!

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  1. Kim says:

    These are great tips! Plane rides are not my favorite so I know that I have to be 100% prepared to be the most comfortable!

    Simply Lovebirds

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