Tips For Going Technology Free For A Day


We all spend many hours a day online whether it’s on the computer or on our phones. And although it can be good whether you’re running a business or staying up to date with what’s going on in the world or friends, it’s always good to have a day turned off from it all. That sometimes can be easier said than done. It can be hard to voluntarily put your phone down, so here are my tips to help you turn off for a day and spend some time technology free + what you can do instead!

Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode

If you’re leaving the house for the day and don’t want to leave without your phone just in case an emergency happens, turn your phone on airplane mode. This way you won’t be tempted to check your phone because you won’t be getting any notifications! If you’re not leaving the house, put your phone with any other electronics away in a draw. If it’s out of sight it’s out of mind.

Let People Know You’re Going Technology Free

Before actually having a technology free day let your friends, family, and work know before hand. This way no one will be concerned when you’re not answering any phone calls or emails. Always make sure to pick a day when you won’t be expecting any important phone calls. I suggest picking a weekend day!

And now on to what you can do instead!

Have a Reading Day

I am a massive book worm, and I find spending a day reading can be the perfect relaxation I need. It allows you to forget about anything you are worried about, and it can make the day go by quick. A few days before hand select a few books or magazines you want to read, make yourself a hot drink, and curl up on the couch for a read!

Re-Arrange Your Space

Often times we can get so use to our usually space layout that it doesn’t really motivate or inspire us. Spend the day moving around the furniture in your space and give it a completely new layout! You can even buy yourself a few new plants or pillows if you want to. While you’re at it give the space a clean too. Get rid of anything you don’t use/need anymore, and organize the rest. This way when you’re back to work you’ll be more motivated for the week ahead!

A Day Out With Friend or Family

Spend the day out with friends or family, but keep that phone on airplane mode! This can be a great way to connect with loved ones and not have to be consistently checking your phone. Go out to a park, do some shopping, or have a home cooked meal together. And even if you’re not doing a technology free day, remember that your phone/computer will always be there but the people and memories won’t!


Spending some time practicing meditation can be a great for peace of mind. Create a comfy space with no noise and just focus on one thing. Who knows, this could become a part of your everyday routine!

Spend A Day In Nature

There’s nothing better than spending a day out and about exploring in the sunshine. Spend the day discovering new places, go for a hike or bike ride, or have a walk around your town or city. You can even pack some food and have yourself a picnic! Just get outside and move around!

Write Write Write

Spend the day clearing your brain and have a writing session. You can write about your goals, worries, or something that has been on your mind. You can also have a brain storming session for any projects you want to create or accomplish. This can help clear your mind and give you a clean slate.

A Pamper Day

We often forget to take care of ourselves, so on this technology free day have yourself a pamper day. You can go and get your hair done, get a massage, or have a stay at home spa day where you do your nails and face masks all day long! Do what makes you calm and happy and treat yourself for the day.

And those are my tips + what you can do if you decide to go technology free for the day! I find doing these once a month can be a big help with dealing with stress. If you do have a technology free day be sure to tell me what you did, and what you thought of it!

6 responses to “Tips For Going Technology Free For A Day”

  1. TINA H says:

    Wow lovely tips! I don’t think I’ll ever survive an entire day without my phone or my laptop but I tried to keep my hands off of them for some time throughout the day and it definitely calms me down at times 🙂

    xo Tina
    IG: @tinasweetheart

  2. Kim says:

    Aaah a day without technology?! That’s nearly impossible! Haha, but I agree with all your tips, especially going out and exploring nature! When I’m too preoccupied with the views, I don’t remember to check my messages, etc. Hope you enjoyed a day of being tech-free!

    Kim | Simply Lovebirds

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I agree- it is so hard! Some days I just take a few hours off instead. Thank you Kim, I’m glad you agree!

  3. Angie says:

    I have tried and failed so many times! Although I would love to be able to do it cause I think it will do me some good! So I will take this tips with me and see if I can manage!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I hope these tips help! You could always start with just doing a few hours and then doing a whole day x

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