My Top 5 Struggles of Instagram


Even though Instagram is my favorite social media site, there are still things that I struggle with. I’ve been using the platform for blogging for about a year now. A little while ago I wrote a post on my top 5 blogging struggles, and I thought I would do the same with Instagram! There won’t be any talk of the new algorithm, but I hope you can relate to these 5 things.

Constantly changing my mind

I’m someone who loves change. So sticking to just one filter is something I have struggled with on Instagram even before I started blogging. I have used the same one for a year now, but there are still days where I debate switching to a new one. After much thinking I’ve realized that it’s just Instagram and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

The follow/unfollow Game

This is not something I do, but I struggle with it because it makes me so frustrated when other people do it. I constantly have to stop myself from calling people out on it. I wrote a whole post on this which you can read here, but I don’t think there will ever be a time where it doesn’t bother me. What I always tell myself is that karma will get them, because their interactions won’t be as good as their following. And if someone continues to follow and then un-follow me, after three times I just block them.

Obsessing over numbers

I always try to tell myself that numbers don’t matter because in the grand scheme of thing they don’t. But because it’s human nature there are times where I struggle with focusing on likes and follows too much. Normally I obsess over likes more than following, because that shows how many people enjoy my content. What I make myself do on days where I’m focusing too much on it is to not look at my phone for an hour after posting. This helps me obsess less over the numbers, and just be grateful people are enjoying what I post.


With there being so many different accounts on Instagram I often struggle with the creativity of my content. I always try to push myself with new photo ideas but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Constantly I am thinking of how to mix up my content, to the point of too much thinking. I don’t think I’ll ever stop this, but I try to remind myself that any photo I take is unique because it’s mine.

Misspellings / Autocorrect

I have a hate/love relationship with autocorrect. It comes in handy about 20% of the time when I typing a caption or writing a comment. However the other 80% of the time it likes to mess me up on Instagram. It becomes a big problem when I’m commenting on other peoples photos. It often will change pretty to petty and beautiful to beautiful for. This has almost gotten me in trouble a few times when commenting, because petty shot isn’t the same as pretty shot.

And those are the 5 things I struggle with when it comes to Instagram! Let me know if you struggle with any of these, and if there is anything else you struggle with! Also be sure to follow along on my Instagram here!

11 responses to “My Top 5 Struggles of Instagram”

  1. Angie says:

    Autocorrect is a my nightmare! As I have a Swedish phone but writes in English on Instagram it han autocorrect to Swedish! So I have to look through what I have written once or twice to ensure its making sense!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      That has got to be such a pain! I always end up reading what I’ve typed so many times that it sounds wrong to me.

  2. I completely agree with your points about instagram – it’s so much harder than you think it is to get everything perfect!

    Heather xx

  3. Merel says:

    Fully understand!! Thanks for sharing this honest post.

    X Merel

  4. Kim says:

    Instagram is a great app because there are so many talented photographers and beautiful people to follow, but posting my own content on Instagram gives me a lot of anxiety. It should be fun but something about the permanence of the grid and wanting to reach a certain number of likes (to feel self-validated) sucks all the fun out of it, especially for perfectionists and harsh critics like me. I’ve noticed that influencers with big followings play the follow/unfollow game and it’s super frustrating to see them succeed that way! Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to join the game than to just hate on it, you know?! Anyways, thanks for being so honest here. I feel the same struggles and it’s somehow nice to know that I’m not the only one!

    Simply Lovebirds

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I feel the same exact way! I often try to get myself out of the mindset of likes and perfection since it’s not realistic, but it definitely is hard. I get what you mean about joining the game. I just remind myself that in the end they are hurting themselves with the follow/unfollow game. I’m so glad you could relate, and thank you so much for the comment Kim! x

  5. Stacey says:

    First off, how are all your photos so beautiful?! It’s such a cozy vibe! And second, I pretty much have been relating to all of these for the past month. You might or might’ve not been able to tell but I’ve been taking a detox from Instagram. I seriously don’t know how people are able to post so frequently and like 3 times a day, grow their following, work, and handle a social life as well. I’ve seriously been struggling and it’s been a lot to handle so I’ve been trying my best to just go with the flow and focus on my blog (which is much more my happy place) and return to IG when I’m ready. We all don’t want to think numbers are everything, but we’d all be lying if we didn’t obsess about it every now and then. Anyways what a great post love!

  6. Velvet Blush says:

    Autocorrect has gotten the better of me so many times on instagram stories, at first I thought it was just me being silly and misspelling things! The follow/unfollow game is so annoying, although I think a lot of them are using bots because this one person did it like 6 times x

    Velvet Blush

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I think the same thing with the follow/unfollow game! I once had someone do it 4 times and I was wondering how they didn’t remember my account x

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