July Monthly Round-Up + OOTD


I thought I was ready for summer to be over, but I’m actually not. This year has flown by already and it feels like just yesterday I put up my June monthly round-up post! Although I’m excited for cooler weather, I spent much of July enjoying what was left of my summer. Here is a round-up of everything from blog posts to a new favorite perfume and online courses + an OOTD of this patterned jumpsuit!


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Makeup free days: I am someone who likes to be put together before leaving the house. That means makeup and hair done for the day. This month I started having some days where I wore no makeup, and it was honestly just what I needed.

I use to spend a few Sundays without doing my makeup, but I never left the house. I spent quite a few days this month going out with no makeup and I will definitely be doing this for months to come. There’s just something so nice about not having to worry about rubbing your eye makeup off!

The Body Shop British Rose Eau De Toilette: I have tried many perfumes and scents over the years, but have never found one I was madly in love with. I started using this scent in The Body Shop’s body wash and decided to try it in a perfume. It’s safe to say I think I found my summer scent! I went around and tried other rose perfumes and none smelled as good as this one. It’s not too floral but still gives a light rose scent without it smelling of any chemicals.


July has been another month of work and me-time. I’ve spent quite a lot of the month of course working on posts, which I’ve started to enjoying doing more and more. But I’ve also spent the month doing some online courses with my brother, in something that I’ve fallen in love with. I’m not going to share what that is just yet, but if all goes well, by the end of next year hopefully you should know!

I always get so excited when I’m learning something that I might possible want to be my career choice. I find it’s much easier doing it not in a college setting, as there is less pressure. I encourage you to look at some online courses (there are tons of free ones out there), and learn something new! The results will surprise you.

And on that note college is starting soon and it’s also been a month of prepping for that. In my free time between all of this I’m spending most of it reading as much as I can. Let me know if you’d be interested in a few book blog posts in the future!


Although I’ve (sort of) stopped myself from buying any more summer clothes, when I saw this jumpsuit at Target I thought it would be the perfect spring/summer/fall piece. As I have talked about before, the off the shoulder trend isn’t one I love because it makes my shoulder look even wider than they already are. However, I didn’t mind how this jumpsuit made them look. I love the black and white pattern, and I can already see myself wearing it with a blazer in fall.

I have a hard time not wearing these backless loafers with almost every outfit. They are extremely comfortable and make any outfit look more chic. They will for sure be in many more outfits to come! It’s simple outfits like this that I love wearing for the summer.

And that is a look at July all in one post! Let me know which post from this month was your favorite, and if you have any exciting plans for August!

6 responses to “July Monthly Round-Up + OOTD”

  1. Katherine says:

    I haven’t stepped into The Body Shop in years and I really need to go check out their products again!

  2. Ana says:

    This outfit is amazing, love it! xx

    Blog – Coco made me do this

  3. Shaira says:

    I super love this outfit girl. It’s chic and classy yet still looking conservative. I see that you’ve been productive with your blog. 8 posts in a month, wow!! 🙂 You have a resemblance of my high school best friend. 🙂


    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you so much Shaira! I try to post twice a week on my blog. It takes time but it’s so worth it! x

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