What I Bring With Me For Outfit Photos


I go out with my lovely mom and take outfit photos about once a week, sometimes twice. Since I’ve been doing this for about a year now, I’ve learned the hard way what I need to bring with me. Because anything can happen, from weather to camera issues, I try to never go out for photos without these things. However a majority of these things are in my bag in general, which makes it easier. I thought I would share everything that I bring with me for outfit photos, so if you’re a blogger it may give you some ideas. Or if you are just curious!

The bag that I bring with me for all of my photos is this “leather” tote bag from Target. I love it because it can carry everything I need, and has a variety of compartments for me to organize my things. I also can use for when I’m not taking photos.

Camera: I of course bring my camera with me. However, because I was using it for these photos this is the one I use sometimes for everyday photos (you can see all about the camera I use for my blog in this post here!). I also will bring both of my lenses depending on what types of photos I am taking.

Water Bottle: Because it is summer I never leave the house without a water bottle. I also make it a priority to bring some water every time I take photos because it is a bit of a walk from where I park. And if I am shooting multiple outfits it can take a bit of a long time, so being hydrated is important! I also will bring a small snack with me just incase I start to get crabby from not eating.

Extra Camera Battery: This is a must because some times I will forget to charge one battery fully, or I might take more photos than expected. I got these two extra ones from Amazon and you can find them here!

Makeup wipes: Although these are meant for makeup, I actually use these more for cleaning up anything I might get on my outfit. Or I will use them after a long day shooting in the hot sun.


Small Notebook: I like to have an idea of different shots I might want to shoot before I actually go out. I find having a small notebook to be the perfect place to note of these incase I forget them. Sometimes I will write them in my phone’s notes too.

Lipstick: Sometimes I do forget this, but I always try to bring the lipstick that I am wearing for that day.

Hair Ties: This is a must for me during summer. Once I am done taking photos, I throw my hair up.

Sunglasses: Since I have green eyes I will wear my sunglasses if it happens to be sunny where I will be standing.

Fan: On extremely hot days I will bring a small portable fan with me to use when walking to my photo spot. Sadly mine broke a little while ago, so I need to get a new one.

Deodorant & Mini Perfume: This one is pretty self explanatory on why I bring it with me.

Waterless Toothbrush: I’m the type of person who hates the feeling of anything on my teeth, so I carry these with me everyday. But for photos I find they’re great in case I have anything on my teeth or have just eaten.

Hand sanitizer: I always like to have this with me incase I need to clean my hands or anything else. This one is from Bath & Body Works and it smells like cologne.

Phone: Of course I don’t leave the house without my phone, but I also like to use it to do some Insta story if I remember while I’m out.

And that is a look at what I bring with me for outfit photos! Hope you found this interesting and helpful, and if you’re a blogger let me know what one item you bring with you for photos.

11 responses to “What I Bring With Me For Outfit Photos”

  1. Eda says:

    A fan is such a great idea! When i take pictures, I like to capture multiple outfits and often times find myself changing in the car. Of course it’s hot and I end up looking like a sweaty mess though, haha. Thanks for the tips!
    xo, Eda

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I’m glad I could help! I used to do that too but it got too hot that I now do one outfit at a time. Hope the fan helps! x

  2. Kris says:

    Love your essentials! You’re so well prepared when you go shooting!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  3. Merel says:

    That camera looks amazing! <3

    X Merel

  4. Great list of items. I really want to start looking into taking better photos.

  5. Stacey says:

    As I’m not so much of a fashion blogger and more of a beauty one, I still do find these tips helpful for the times when I do an outfit post because I honestly always never know how to prepare for it! Btw, did you take a tripod when taking these photos? I need a new one and I don’t know which one to go for.

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