Inexpensive Christmas Gift Guide – Everything Under $20!


Christmas is quickly approaching which means finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Which is easier said than done. And doing it all on a budget can be even more challenging. So to help I put together a gift guide of inexpensive ideas that are all under $20! There’s everything from fashion, beauty, home decor, plants, and more. So get your list ready and have a read!

And if it’s bolded in the text, feel free to click on it. It will take you to where you need to go to get that perfect gift. And be sure to browse through the other options at the end of each category too.


Prints & Posters $3-$4+: One of the best ways to decorate any space is prints, because you can hang them up or just tape them to any wall or surface. The Target dollar section has some great sets of 3 with fun wall prints that are only $3! IKEA also has some great prints and posters that start at $4-$5, so have a browse to find the right one!

IKEA Pillow Cover + Pillow Insert $2.99-$7+: Another great way to decorate and change up a space is by adding new pillows. At IKEA they have a great system where you can pick the pillow cover you want and the pillow insert, making it budget friendly and gives you creative freedom. The pillow inserts range from $2.99-$9.99, and the pillow covers start at $4-$7. The yellow one I have is called GULLKLOCKA.

IKEA Blanket/Throw $4-$15+: Who could ever say no to a blanket?! They make any room more cozy and are perfect for cold winter nights. My personal favorite place to get them on a budget is, you guessed it – IKEA! They have a few starting at $4, but most of them are around $15. My personal favorite is this blue grid one that is only $4.99! (I might have to treat myself to an early Christmas gift).

Home Decor Books $7.99-$9.99: As a home decor lover myself I love getting inspiration and looking at other peoples spaces. These IKEA home decor books give you just that, and for under $10. The two that I have and love are Make Yourself At Home, which shows a look at 9 different young peoples apartments/houses all over the world + fun DIY ideas.

And the other one is a part of their FIND IT! series, which is Part 3, that is all about creating space in ten small homes. It gives you tips for maximizing your space while showing you how 10 different people did it in their small spaces. If you have a home decor lover on your list, but don’t want to risk getting them the wrong piece, than this is the perfect gift!

Banner $3: And last but not least you can always get the home decor lover a cute banner to hang in their space. The target dollar section has some great ones for only $3.


Beret $16: It can be hard to buy any clothing for someone, but you can never go wrong with a hat. One that is very popular recently and for good reason are berets. You can find many colors and style options, and ASOS has a few good staple ones for $16.

Beanie $9.90-$19: If the person you’re shopping for isn’t one for wearing hats for fashion, a beanie is the right choice. If you need one for extra warmth, the HeatTech beanie from Uniqlo is perfect. It has this amazing science that keeps your head extremely warm.

Tote Bag $4 – $20: Tote bags are a great gift idea for anyone on your list. They’re perfect for grocery shopping, college students, or day to day traveling and life. They carry everything anyone would need with them, and can help add a little bit of color and fun to any outfit. This one that I have is from IKEA which they don’t make in this print anymore, but you can find a similar one from them here.


NYX Liquid Lipsticks $6.49-$6.99: If you have someone on your list that loves makeup and wearing different lip colors, then this is the gift for them. NYX makes the best liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried, and they are extremely affordable. My two favorite kinds are the Liquid Suede and the Soft Matte Lip Cream. You can pick up a few shades that you think they’ll like, or you can even get a gift set of 3 for $12!

H&M Nail Polish $5.99: Nail polish can be a bit pricey, but H&M surprisingly has a line of them that are great quality and come in beautiful shades.

Glossier Balm DotCom $12: Since Christmas just so happens to occur during winter, a lip balm is great gift idea for almost everyone on your list, including guys. The Glossier Balm DotCom is my savior during the colder months, and helps keep my lips from getting chapped. It comes in 6 different scents – Original, Mint, and Coconut, which show up clear, Rose and Cherry, which give a slight tint, and Birthday Cake, which adds some sparkle. If you use the link here , you’ll get 10% off your purchase!


IKEA Plants $2.99-$15: Plants can be expensive, but surprisingly IKEA has great affordable ones that last well over a year. They have great small plants that start at $2.99, and some bigger options for $7$15. And if the person you’re buying for isn’t the best at keeping things alive, they also have a nice selection of fake ones that look pretty real.

IKEA Plant Pots $10: And for that plant you’ll need the perfect plant pot. IKEA has a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, and most are under $10.


Fill In Blank Book $10: For the loved ones on your list a cute sentimental gift are these fill in the blank books. They come for moms, dads, siblings, besties, and anyone you want. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to a gift.

Photos / Disposable Camera $1-$12.99: Even though we live in a digital age, nothing tops a good old printed photo. Get someone a disposable camera, and then every time you spend time together bring it along to take photos. You can also get some photos printed out, which costs under $1 per photo, and put together a cute scrapbook or photo gallery.


Target Dollar Section $1-$5: Believe it or not, the Target dollar section has some of the best stationary items that range between $1-$5. They have everything from wall calendars, notepads, sticky notes, page markers, notebooks, pens, and more.

IKEA Notebooks & Stationary $0.99-$7.99: If you don’t have a Target near you, IKEA also has some great notebooks, notepads, tape, and more that all range from $0.99-$7.99.


Although physical gifts are great, sometimes the best gifts aren’t things. Give someone in your life a non-physical gift this year of an experience. It can be a day out in nature at a park near you, a beach day, a coffee date, movie night, photoshoot session, and anything else you can think of. Leave the phones in your pocket and just spend time together.

And that is it! Hope these inexpensive gift ideas come in handy this season when out shopping. Also treat yourself too when you’re out gift shopping. After all, you deserve it after this stressful yet fun season.


6 responses to “Inexpensive Christmas Gift Guide – Everything Under $20!”

  1. Those canvas bags are cute, good gift idea!

  2. Stacey says:

    GIRL this guide is amazing!! There’s not one I didn’t love, and the last one brings me back to the time when I used to be really crazy for stationary…now I want to suddenly get a bunch of new writing materials and pens lol. I also really love the tote idea especially when you can go to places where you can customize the design (when and if there’s time). I’m actually going shopping today so I’m pretty much keeping all of these on my mind!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Aw thank you so much Stacey! I put a lot of time into this guide, so that means a lot to me. And customizing the tote bag is such a good idea! I hope you found some great items when out shopping! x

  3. E. says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks for this gift ideas! I bought a “pijama box” from Harry Potter to my sister for Christmas but I have to think about my three Magic Kings presents.

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