My Positivity Project: Why I’m Giving Up “Perfection” In 2018


With life in general there is pressure for everything to be perfect, but add in social media and that pressure doubles. Although we all try to not get caught up in the “perfect social media life” show, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and like you have to keep things as close to “perfect” as possible. Towards the second half of last year I decided to give up on “perfection” when it came to my photos and blog content, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I thought I would share with you why I’m continuing to give up “perfection” in 2018, and why you should too + some beautiful photos from my most recent snow day.

It honestly sucks the fun out of being creative online.

If you have the perfect photo or blog post in mind, and it doesn’t live up to that, it puts you in a negative, uninspired mood. And that honestly sucks the fun out of being creative online. The whole point of creating and sharing photos, videos, and blog posts is to put out into the world what you love. And if you have a certain requirement or filter that everything has to pass through before being shared, you’re not longer sharing something because it brings you joy, happiness, or you’re passionate about it.

At the start of 2017 I had just been posting on Instagram regularly for my blog for about 4 months. I had somehow came up with the idea that a perfect photo/feed was one that was more minimal, with bright photos and lots of white. If you look back at my photos posted at that time, most of them were lightened to the highest they could be without looking bad. Now I’m not saying those feeds are bad (I follow quite a lot of people who have beautiful minimal, white themed feeds), but it wasn’t the content I was most passionate about. This idea of perfection sucked some of the fun out of taking photos and posting on Instagram. Once I stopped caring about how many likes or follows these “perfect” photos would get, and started posting photos with the vibe & style I wanted, I was so much happier and my Instagram actually grew more than before. Now I post more moody vibe photos with more color, and I now always look forward to taking photos.

Always keep in mind: When you’re creating what you love, everything starts to fall into place

The idea of “perfection” is a false one.

Everyone has their own idea of what “perfect” is. An example of this is one I’ve talked about before in a blog post. When I was in 7th grade I had this idea in my head that fly away hairs weren’t good. So I would put my hair in a low ponytail/bun, and moose the hair on my head to the point of it being stiff, and looking wet. Now I would get comments about how it didn’t look good, but for some reason in my head it was my idea of what “perfect hair” looked like. So it’s important to remember that you created the first idea of what perfection is, and only you have the power to create a new idea of what “perfect enough” is.

Your best is good enough.

As a content creator one of the best points you can reach is when you realize that your best is good enough. No amount of “perfection” will make more people like your photos, watch your videos, or read your posts. And it’s much more rewarding when you love what you created, not because it’s perfect, but because you’re passionate about it and you did your best. That’s all you have when doing things in life- hard work, and your best.

And those are my thoughts on perfection when it comes to creating content online, and why I’m continuing to leave it behind. I’d love to know your thoughts on it! Is this something you’ve struggled with?

P.S. Sometimes the best ideas come at the last minute. I had this idea for a post like this for awhile, but it wasn’t until last night when all the words finally came to my head. Sometimes it’s best to wait and let things happen as they should.

18 responses to “My Positivity Project: Why I’m Giving Up “Perfection” In 2018”

  1. Zazu says:

    Great post dear! Love the photos…

    I never tried to be a perfectionist because I see perfection as a subjective thing so is pointless for me.
    Also we are so much happier when we don’t overthink… And that’s what we should be focusing on: our happiness.
    (hope to help)

    Have a wonderful rest of the week 🙂

  2. Sophia says:

    Loved this post darling. I was always against perfection in every sector in my life… Perfection does not represent me because I am too cool to bother and I love taking life easy, having fun and I hate stress. After all who is really perfect? No one! Much love,Sophia

  3. Angie says:

    Love the pictures!! ❤ As I am fairly new with blogging I been looking a lot at other bloggers and feel like I have to have those pictures to compete. But I Will also try to do more pictures and content for me and that I can stand for. Thanks for a good post Kara!! 💕

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Angie! I do the same thing with other bloggers photos sometimes, but it’s definitely important to create what you love x

  4. Joanne says:

    “Your best is good enough” is such a good line! I agree with all these things you said, this post was very true and well-written. I also see A LOT of people going for minimalistic, white-themed photos on their Insta-feed. In my opinion, it’s pretty, but just a little overused in the Instagram world ahhaha. I prefer more mood and color myself!
    Keep being passionate, girl, and thanks for the awesome reminder!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  5. syakirah says:

    i love the pictures.i love reading this!

  6. Kim says:

    Great message. I am a big perfectionist and while others (who aren’t perfectionist) see that as a good thing, it’s actually really troublesome for me. It causes a ton of unnecessary stress. And if you ask me, I think anything you create is amazing! You should trust yourself and don’t hold back because of perfectionism/overthinking! 🙂

  7. Absolutely love this post – I relate so deeply to struggles with “perfection” and I completely agree with you about just letting it go. Love your beautfiul snowy photos too!!

    Heather xoxo

  8. Rowena says:

    Fantastic post really good perspective 🙂 I love your photo’s! They are magical! Thank you for sharing

  9. E. says:

    Perfection… so easy to say and so difficult to explain. I think our society push us to be perfect but that kind of perfection we “think” is perfection or we have in our minds. In my case, with creativity, I use to be very hard with myselft and I always think I can do, a pic for example, better and better and better but as you say, one day without want it and in the last minute you get even better results.

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I completely agree about society pushing us to be perfect but that perfection is different to each person! I use to be the same way with creativity such as photos. We just need to remember to be kinder to ourselves x

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