How I Plan Out My Days/Weeks + Find Motivation

If it wasn’t for planning, my life would be a disaster. Now that may seem a bit drastic, but it’s true. I’ve been planning out my days/weeks since the start of college, and it’s made life more manageable. A little while ago I was asked if I could share how I plan out my days/weeks and where I find the motivation to do so, and that’s exactly what this post is! So if you’re not sure how to plan out your days, are new to planning, or just love reading about how other people organize their life (I’m that person), than this is the post for you!

Planning Out My Days/Weeks

To stay on top of everything and plan my days/weeks I use my 17-month planner, which you can read my review on here. The night before I will always write down in my planner what I know I have to do the next day. I write down any work that has to be done, photos/blog posts I need to work on, any appointments, and more. Even if it’s as simple as doing laundry, I write it down. Then in the morning I’ll add anything I remembered I needed to do that day, as well as throughout the day.


For all of my college assignments, I use a notebook from IKEA to write down everything that is due. So at the start of each week I will write down the assignments due for each class (I group everything by class), and when they are due. I use a separate notebook for my college assignment due dates because there isn’t one space for each week where I can write it down in my planner. But I do write in my planner what assignments I will be doing for the day. It may seem a little much to write it in two places. I find having the overall view of assignments I need to do for the week, as well as what needs to be completed for each day, to be a huge help with staying on top of it all.

Calendar + Reminders

Now my planner does have a calendar in it that I sometimes use, but I find using my iCalendar on my computer to be the perfect fit for me. I will plan out my blog posts and videos for the month, as well as any appointments or big college due dates I need to remember. That main reason I love using this is because not only does it sync to the calendar on my phone, but it also will send me a reminder the day before. This feature has saved me from missing assignments and appointments more times than I’d like to admit. I also will use the reminders app on my iPhone and set timed reminders for items on my to-do list that need to be done at a certain time.

Why I Plan Out My Days + Find Motivation

The main reason I plan out my days and week is because I’m human. There is no possible way for my brain to remember everything that needs to be done, at what time and when. If I didn’t plan, my productivity for each day would go down and my stress level would go up. Keeping a planner and calendar allows me to have better time management and keeps me organized. And my motivation for planning? Besides it being the main reason my life is in order, there is nothing more satisfying than crossing off an item on my to-do list!

And that is a look at how I plan out my days/weeks! How do you plan out your days? I’d love to know!



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5 responses to “How I Plan Out My Days/Weeks + Find Motivation”

  1. Areeba says:

    Omg I really need to try a separate journal for my college assignments now!! This is really so inspiring Kara! Always so enlightened after reading your posts 😌😍❤️
    Much much love

  2. syakirah says:

    these are great tips! I like to plan out my day/week 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    I am also a planner! I plan my days at work and I use Outlook for that. I also put it personal things. That helps me plan around my work. If I have to leave work early cause I have other things planned. I am now also taking an online course in math so I need to plan that aswell around work and my other duties. So for me planning is the key to make my life go around!

  4. Stacey says:

    A planner is a must for me everyday since I work from home. If I didn’t have one or plan my days I would probably be staring at the wall all day LOL. I also rather have a physical planner instead of using a phone (which I know a lot of people do now a days), but it’s just not the same.

  5. I love the look of this planner! I’m a huge planner myself, but tend to do most of it digitally. However, I’ve always wanted one of these bands planners and seeing how successfully you use it I’m now certain I’ll buy one this summer!!

    HEather xoxo

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