Love Your Wardrobe: My Top 5 Dresses In My Closet


It’s a been a minute since I’ve done a post in this series, but it’s back! As most of you know last year I started this love your wardrobe series to hopefully give you some inspiration to love what already is in your wardrobe. You can read my top 5 shirts post here and my top 5 coats post here. This time I’m talking all about my favorite dresses. Over the past few years I’ve fallen back in love with wearing dresses, especially for the spring and summer time. So here is a look at my top 5 favorite dresses in my closet, which most of them are perfect for the upcoming warmer months!

5 H&M Gray Dress

This gray dress from H&M is a staple in my wardrobe because it’s very minimal, which is why I love it. The mock turtleneck makes it great for the winter, and it’s a light enough material that I can wear it in fall and the early spring time. One of my favorite ways to wear this dress is with a sweater layered on top, because it gives the look of a skirt.

4 Uniqlo Orange Shirt Dress

I don’t have many items in my wardrobe that are bright colors, but this orange shirt dress is an exception. I originally fell in love with this dress in a different color, but it only came in my size in orange. I now love the orange color since it looks great for both the warmer months and the fall time. The overall fit is flattering and extremely comfortable, and it has pockets which is always a bonus. I find Uniqlo does color very well when it comes to their clothing.

3 ASOS Midi Slip Dress

The slip dress is a trend that became very popular last year and I decided to buy into it. When I first got this dress last year on sale at ASOS I wasn’t 100% in love with it, but it’s not become one of my favorites. I love the gray color and the minimal details such as the extra strings by the straps. It also looks amazing with a turtleneck layered underneath. You can see how I styled it recently in a post here! I think slip style dresses are a great wardrobe staple that can be styled so many ways.

2 American Eagle Navy Overall Dress

This overall dress is one of my most recent purchases, and it quickly became a favorite in my wardrobe. Not only did I get it on sale for under $20 (I always love a good sale), I have already came up with many ways to style it for every season. Since I styled it in my most recent post for winter, I thought I would show how I plan on styling it for spring. It’s an extremely comfortable with my favorite thing – pockets, and the navy color is a nice change from my usual black wardrobe.

1 Who What Wear Polka Dot Dress

If you’ve seen my February monthly round up post you’ll recognize this dress but in a different pattern. I loved it so much I also got it in the polka dot pattern. Both dresses are my number one favorite in my wardrobe, but I thought I would just focus on the polka dot. This dress fits me perfectly, and since it’s cotton it will be perfect for the warmer months. I actually plan on wearing this dress for my college graduation because I love it that much. The Who What Wear line at Target is one of my favorites because it’s extremely affordable and everything is very stylish and chic.

And those are the top 5 dresses in my wardrobe! Are you a dress person? If so, let me know what your favorite dress in your wardrobe is!

4 responses to “Love Your Wardrobe: My Top 5 Dresses In My Closet”

  1. Areeba says:

    Loved them ALLLLLL😍 just love your fashion semse girl! The polka dot one was the stunner thoπŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  2. Sandra says:

    My fave has got to be the polka dot dress from Who What Wear. Closely followed by the American Eagle overall dress.

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