Spring Inspiration 2018: Style, Music & More


Spring is now here, although it seems to have forgotten to bring the warmer weather along with it. I love getting inspiration from everywhere in life, and it seems that with each new season what inspires me changes a bit. I thought I would share with you what has been inspiring me lately, everything from style to music and more!


STORES: A little before each season I start shopping for pieces that my wardrobe is missing. My spring/summer wardrobe is half the size of my fall/winter wardrobe, so these past few months I’ve been slowly shopping for some new items. I found that Uniqlo is still a huge love of mine for clothing, especially staple wardrobe items like button down blouses. One new store whose clothes I’ve been loving for spring is American Eagle. I use to shop there all the time when I was younger, and fell back in love with them this year. Quite a lot of my spring and summer dresses in my wardrobe are from them.

COLOR AND PATTERN: I’ve always kept my wardrobe filled with more neutral colors, but this year I’ve started to embrace color and pattern more. Instead of going with my usual black or navy blue, I’ve been adding pops of brighter blues, orange, and greens. I’ve also added a few floral prints, but my favorite pattern for the spring is polka dots. Polka dot items are perfect for adding a pattern that you won’t hate by next year.

EFFORTLESS DRESSES: I’m all about comfort when it comes to clothing, so for spring I have fully embraced dresses. I love how effortless dresses are, and how easy they make getting ready in the morning. Mini and midi dresses are a favorite of mine, and I still love the look of a pair of vans or converse with a dress.



My music taste hasn’t changed too much, but I’ve gotten picker about what songs I find worth buying and listening. Although I love a good sad, emotional song, I’ve recently been loving more happy, upbeat songs to help wake me up in the morning and lift my mood. Here is a few of songs that I’ve been loving and have inspired my recently:

Diane by Cam

Pretty Shining People by George Ezra

Hold My Girl by George Ezra

Sweet Arizona by East Love

Delicate by Taylor Swift



I’m someone who loves following creative, motivating content creators on social media. Not only do I love what they create, but they help motivate me with my content. Although this list could be endless, here is just a few of the people and video series that have inspired me:

SHOT FROM THE STREET: I have been following Lizzy from shot from the street for over a year now on YouTube and Instagram, and recently I’ve been really enjoying the content she creates. She shoots most of her photos on film, which I love the vintage vibe it gives her content. She has amazing style, but my favorite would have to be two of her video series: Testing Basics and her weekly vlogs. I find her weekly vlogs to be extremely motivating, especially when you see the hard work she puts into creating content. And her testing basics series is a clothes lovers dream.

TRY LIVING WITH LUCIE: This is a YouTube series on Refinery29 I found a few years ago, and still love to this day. Lucie Fink, the host who’s upbeat and happy personality is infectious, tries 5 days of something, which could be anything from self care to only eating pizza. I also love her personal YouTube channel too.


This is everything that has inspired me but doesn’t have a category to live in.

PLANTS: Just this past month I’ve added more plants to my space (you can see a whole video on them here), and having them in my space has made such a difference. There’s just something so great to waking up with lots of greenery in your space.

NATURE: There is just something so inspiring and mind clearing about spending some time in nature. I find on days where I’m a little too much in my head, going outside helps put everything into perspective and clear my mind.

And that is a look at what has been inspiring me lately for spring! I hope you got some inspiration too, and I’d love to know what has been inspiring you recently.

4 responses to “Spring Inspiration 2018: Style, Music & More”

  1. Vivian says:

    Lovely pictures love! I love Delicate by Taylor Swift! This song is on repeat in my car hahh! I also want to add more succulent plants in our house, especially aloe vera 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Vivian x

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Vivian! I can not stop listening to that song too. I hope you are having a great week! x

  2. Stacey says:

    I really loved this outfit you put together! There’s just something so refreshing and chic about it especially on a beach setting <3 It's still a bit too cold here which makes me sad because I have a feeling we're just going to go straight into summer weather without a warning but who knows! However, breezing button ups are always gorgeous and I look forward to that!

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