How I’m Adding Slow Living Into My Life


Slow living is a term I’ve heard a lot this year, and for good reason. It’s all about slowing down and living a more mindful life. As someone who is very much go-go-go, and on days where I don’t feel I did enough I tend to beat myself up about it, adding slow living into my life seemed like the perfect choice. If you’re new to slow living, or looking for ways to add it into your life, here are a few of the things I’m doing to add it into my life.

Giving myself the evenings off

Since everything I do is pretty much online, from blogging, work, and college assignments, I don’t have that set time of the day when I’m working and when I’m not. Although I do tend to give myself a break during the day, I’ve started giving myself the evenings off away from work.

Once I finish posting on Instagram around 6ish, I’ve been giving myself some time to relax and not think about work. Then once I’ve eaten dinner with my family, I’ll finish any last minute things before completely putting work aside. I do still go on my phone to go on social media, but I don’t consider that work.

Not Rushing through things just to simply get them done

I have found that with the added work of the end of the semester of college, I have been rushing to get things done just for the sake of finishing them. I haven’t been spending too much time in the moment, and instead already thinking about the next thing I have to get done. This is still a work in progress, but I’ve made it my goal to focus 100% on whatever I am doing, be more in the moment with my work- whether that’s college or creative, and not rush. The work will all get done, and chances are it will be better since I have given it my complete focus.

No phone when with family

I’ve always been good with not pulling out my phone when I’m with my family, but sometimes I find myself subconsciously checking my notifications to see if I have missed something. So I’ve started breaking this habit, and made it so the only time I can pull out my phone when with family is to either post on Instagram quickly, or to check the time. My phone and what is on it will be always be there, so there really is no need to constantly be attached to it, especially when I want to soak up every moment I have with the people I love.

And those are just a few of the ways I’m adding slow living into my life! Have you tried slow living? If so how have you added it into your life, and if you haven’t, is it something that interests you?

12 responses to “How I’m Adding Slow Living Into My Life”

  1. Vivian says:

    Ahhh this is such an interesting read and I’m glad you’re also embracing slow living! I’ve been doing this for about a year now and I have to say I really enjoy it! I’m spending more time with my loved ones and I only check my instagram 2-3 times a week. Also, I no longer listen to music when I go to work. I want to give my brains a sort of break (if that makes sense hehe) 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend babe!

    Vivian x

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Vivian! It’s amazing how slowing down makes you spend your time more wisely and appreciate things more. And I completely get giving your brain a sort of break. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! x

  2. E. says:

    It is a bit hard to me, to practise slow living. I am everytime everyday running and with a full list of things to do that I usually don’t have time to do. I am going to try to take it more relaxing!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      It can be hard but I hope you found some time to relax more! I’ve actually found slowing down has made me more productive x

  3. Kim says:

    I have been feeling a lot of anxiety this year due to having a lot on my plate so the fact that slow living is being talked about more than ever now is really helping me keep my sanity! (Part of the reason why you haven’t seen me blog or post online for the past two months). I love that you are incorporating slow living into your lifestyle. I think all of us can benefit from putting our phones down.

    Simply Lovebirds

  4. Stacey says:

    I have been doing slow living without really knowing it hahah, but seriously, I don’t know what it is about this year but social media has been giving me tons of pressure and anxiety that I’ve now been less occupied on it and trying to do other things in the outside world. I’m like you and put my phone away when I’m with my family and family as well. I think it’s a good habit to keep since spending time with people you love is very precious.

    • Kara Callahan says:

      At least you’ve been doing it! I’ve felt the same with social media this year too but it’s good that you’re doing other things that make you less stressed x

  5. This is so interesting to read because I’ve recently been trying to be more mindful too! I’ve hugely cut down my phone usage, especially when with family and friends and I’m already noticing all of the positive benefits. There’s still so much more I can do to be more mindful but the difference is amazing – thanks for sharing new bits of inspiration for other ways to incorporate more slow living into my life!

    Heather xoxo

    • Kara Callahan says:

      That’s great that you’ve been being more mindful too! It really is amazing the positive impact it can have, and I’m so glad this could give you some new inspiration x

  6. Jen says:

    Great post! I totally agree with slow living. Good for you to not be on your phone when your around family/friends. You miss so much when your mind is not present. I started being more aware of when I hauled out my phone for this very reason/

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you Jen! You really do miss so much when you’re on your phone. Being more aware is always good! x

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