A Chat About Numbers on Instagram: Do They Matter?


For me personally Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love photos + being able to see looks into people’s daily life’s with stories. But almost everyone on Instagram who is making content comes to the point, usually many times, where we focus too much of the numbers side of it. I thought I would share my thoughts on if numbers on Instagram really matter, and some things to keep in mind to help you worry less about them.

Numbers will never define you.

As humans we have always been programmed to focus on numbers. Whether it was a grade you got on a test or the amount of time it took to complete something, it’s always numbers because they are something we can actually use to measure things. With social media, the fixation on numbers has increased which is why it’s so important to remember that numbers will never define you. Just like a bad test grade wasn’t the end of the world, the number of followers and likes you get isn’t the most important thing.

It’s hard not to focus on numbers sadly, but you have to remind yourself to be happy with what you have. Sure, someone else might have 10 times the followers or likes you do, but just like the quote says, “a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms”. Celebrate every milestone, even the smallest, but never let it define you. Focus on creating the best content you can that you love creating, connecting with other people, and having fun.

More Followers doesn’t necessarily equal more opportunities

Although having more followers and likes might get you more collaborations with brands, it might not. There are plenty of people who have small followings that work with amazing brands and start their own businesses online, and it’s because they work hard at creating the content they love. You don’t need to have the biggest following or the most likes out of everyone to still get amazing opportunities.  You probably will have to put yourself out there more to brands in order for them to find you, but good opportunities still will come!

Focus on Impressions instead of just likes and follows.

We all get so focused on likes, followers, and comments, that we never sit back and look at impressions. Now it’s always great when someone liked your post enough to double tap it and leave a comment. But you should also spend some time focusing on impressions, which are the number of people who actually saw your post. On Instagram you can only see this if you have a business account, but you would be surprised at how many people your photos actually reach.

The Golden Question

As slightly morbid as it might be, I always like to ask myself “when I’m coming to the end of my life and looking back on memories, will this be the one I’ll remember the most?”. So ask yourself, when you’re 80, 90, 100, will the amount of likes or followers be something you’ll think about? If no, then spend a little less time worrying about them.

So overall, although having more likes or followers can bring more opportunities, so can hard work and being passionate about what you are creating. You can do anything everyone else on social media is doing as long as you have the right mindset, work hard, and stay true to yourself.

I hope this post helped, and I’d love to know your thoughts on if numbers matter on Instagram!

6 responses to “A Chat About Numbers on Instagram: Do They Matter?”

  1. Stacey says:

    I really love this outfit Kara! The top is so flowy and the florals go hand in hand with spring – it’s perfect <3. I actually never really thought about it but it's so true that we are programmed when we were young about numbers through our grades. I truly believe numbers don't matter when it comes to social media more and more because like you mentioned, I've seen accounts with a smaller following getting sponsorships. I think many brands are paying more attention to content now which is a lot more refreshing.

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Thank you so much Stacey! It is so refreshing that brands are now not just focusing on numbers anymore. I’ve also seen smaller accounts get sponsorships, and they make amazing content for it.

  2. E. says:

    At the beginning of all this Instagram boom, the number were important but now I think it is more important engagement that to have a determinate number of followers. I read an article about micro-influencers that told that brands are looking for people with less followers because people use to trust in them more than in big influencers that probably don’t have a true opinion about a product.

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Engagement definitely is the most important part now. And that is interesting to know! I’ve seen many people who work for companies talk about how micro influencers actually tend to bring in more customers for them than bigger accounts do.

  3. Susie says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Follows and likes don’t really mean as much as people think. Opportunities can come regardless. Engagement and connecting with people is what I love about instagram! I really love this post <3 hope you are having a lovely day xx

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