May Monthly Round Up 2018 + Summer OOTD


Happy last day of May! 2018 is officially almost half way done, which I don’t think I’ll ever comprehend how time can fly by so fast. Warm weather is here to stay, except with a little rain, and it’s been a month with some exciting events happening as well as sorting life out. Here is a round up of the month of May, including my favorite photos from the month, the new shirt I’m obsessed with + this summer outfit with a huge pop of color!


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Taking photos over the years has become a huge love of mine, which is why I love taking and sharing them on Instagram. Here are a few of my favorite from this month that I took!

One of the main reasons I want to eventually head over to Europe, is because I’m in love with the architecture. But sadly that won’t be happening for awhile, so these beautiful buildings will do the trick.

On the day of my college graduation, I took some photos in my backyard with my family and of course, my dog. This one is one of my favorites, although it was hard getting her to not eat the leaves for a few minutes.

On the day of my graduation my family and I went on a lovely hike at this park. It’s one of my favorite places to hike because of scenes like this one.

A look at my workspace in it’s natural state: a bit messy with reading material close by.

This is a photo of one of my outfits from my week in outfits video that went up on my Youtube channel. This blouse is my favorite, and when I saw it came in this gorgeous blue color I knew I had to add it to my wardrobe.


Harry Potter Game App: Now I very rarely play games on my phone, but since I am a huge Harry Potter lover I couldn’t resist getting this one when I saw it had come out. It’s pretty much like a Sims style game, where you create a character, pick a house, and play different tasks of the story while learning spells, potions, flying, and more. It actually is a pretty good game, and I have spend a bit too much of my free time in the mornings and evenings playing it.

Online Shopping For Inspiration: I’m not sure what took me so long at doing this, but I’ve started browsing through my favorite stores online to get some outfit inspiration, even if I don’t own the item. It’s a great way to both “window shop” and get new styling ideas for items in my wardrobe.

H&M Shirt: This is a purchase I made very recently (as in yesterday), but I thought I would share it because it will probably sell out by the time I post an outfit with it. I was looking for a collared shirt that was a mix between casual and dressy, and oversized, and this one was everything I wanted and more.


Looking back at the month of May has made me realize how much has actually happened. I graduated college at the beginning of the month, which actually went really well. It then became a month of sorting everything out that I didn’t have the time to do before, which I still haven’t caught up on everything yet. It’s also been a month of appointments, planning, and some family medical stuff that isn’t really my place to share, although it was planned. I also leave for my summer trip soon, so get ready for some travel photography posts in June!


When I first discovered t-shirt style dresses years ago I was in love. It’s the comfort of a giant t-shirt with the “fancier” look of a dress. Now if you watch my Instagram stories you would have seen this dress when I ordered it from Zara. This dress was suppose to be red, although it is 100% orange. I still absolutely love it and the color, and it has been a fun change to my wardrobe.

My backpack purse is a recent purchase of mine from Amazon, that I still can’t believe was under $30! It’s great for days where I’m doing lots of walking or need to bring my laptop with me. My sandals are a new pair from DSW by the same brand who make the tie black ones I wear all the time, and since my eyes are green, sunglasses are a must!


Dress: ZARA | Backpack: Amazon | Sandals: DSW | Sunglasses: Target

And that is a look at May! I hope you all had a great month, and I’d love to hear how your May was!

8 responses to “May Monthly Round Up 2018 + Summer OOTD”

  1. Rae says:

    that bag is really cute i want to own one! hehe. also, love that orange dress 🙂

    xoxo, rae

  2. Zazu says:

    Love to see you i this colour babe 🙂

  3. Jiya says:

    You look pretty girl! Great post! Hugs!
    rampdiary | fineartandyou

  4. E says:

    All your month round ups are amazing! It makes me realize how much you work on your blog and social media, you are doing a great job!

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