Tips For Planning An Inexpensive Adventure Trip This Summer


Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to go out exploring! Traveling can get very expensive, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to go on a fun trip. Even if it’s just spending a weekend a few hours away from where you live, it can still be a great time. So as someone who goes away almost every summer and most of what I do during the trip is free, here are some tips for having an inexpensive, fun adventure trip this summer!

Driving is better than flying

Flying over the years has become more expensive, and unless you have an air miles credit card (which is how me and my family afford flying most years), it can be out of budget. But you don’t have to fly to visit amazing place. You would probably be surprised how many great locations are within driving distance from you. And you can always make it a road trip if you want to travel somewhere farther, which personally are always my favorite kind of trips. You just need some good company and snacks, and you’re good to go!

Pick one area where you can visit many places

A good idea is to plan your trips in an area where you can visit a wide variety of places. Make one location your main hub, and venture out to different locations. For example, me and my family always plan our summer trips where we start in one place, and then can drive to visit 2-4 other areas as well. Last year we started in Denver and made our way up to Glacier National Park, stopping at Grand Teton and Yellowstone as well as other places along the way.

Grand Teton National Park

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Nature is almost always free

My favorite kind of trips are always ones that involve lots of nature, because not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it’s also for the most part free! There are plenty of parks, lakes, etc. all around the United States that are free to enjoy. If it’s not free, chances are you can get a National Park pass that is good for a whole year, and gives you access to all the National Parks in that country!

Airbnb and HomeAway will be your best friend

Typically hotels can get expensive, so rental places such as Airbnb and HomeAway will be your best friend. You can rent the whole place or even just a room. Just be sure to do your research first and look at reviews!

St Mary’s Lake, East Glacier National Park

The Less Known Option

If you want to visit a popular place that is tourist heavy, but it’s too expensive to stay there, look for a less known city or town close by that you can stay. You may have to drive a bit more each day, but the money you save on accommodations will be worth it (just make sure you’re not spending too much on gas).

And those are my tips for planning an inexpensive adventure trip this summer! I’ve taken a trip every summer for the past few years and even though I do fly, it always involves skipping cities and going right into nature with National Parks. Each trip is beautiful, fun, and it makes for some good memories. So get out and travel this summer, even if it’s just a day trip!

You can see more of my trip from last summer here (Glacier National Park post, Grand Teton + Yellowstone + Denver post) , and be on the lookout for some posts from my trip this year!

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