My Summer Style Tips + Favorite Places To Shop


Although I do enjoy the warmer weather summer has to offer, it’s actually my least favorite season to buy clothes or create outfits for. I find most items in stores or online to be too see-through, the quality isn’t good, or the style is mainly all bohemian or floral items. So if you’re like me and find shopping or putting outfits together for summer hard, here are my style tips for summer + my favorite places to shop!

Try Something New

Each season I like to try something new that I don’t have in my wardrobe or haven’t worn before. This year it’s been wearing more color, but it can be anything from trying a new trend, a new clothing item you’ve never worn before, or a new pattern or texture. In the past, one summer I wore overalls for the first time and last summer I added cold shoulder pieces in to my wardrobe. Just have fun and find something you’ve never worn before but love!

Layers, Even for Summer.

Even summer needs layers. I always bring a light jacket with me for the cooler mornings and evening, as well as when I go into places that might be a little chilly. My favorite light jackets are denim jackets, my Uniqlo raincoat (that I wear too much), and utility jackets like this green one I’m wearing. I just always make sure the jacket has pockets since most of my summer clothing does not.

Comfort is Key

Even if you are going to try something new, my golden rule of clothing, no matter what time of year but especially for summer, is comfort is key. You want to buy items that no matter how out there and wild they are, or how minimal and classic they are, you’re comfortable in them. Chances are you’ll never wear something you don’t feel good in.

Favorite Places To Shop

My favorite places to shop for summer clothing are Uniqlo, Target, ASOS, and DSW. Uniqlo has amazing basic items that will last for seasons to come. Target’s clothing has improved greatly over the years, and I’ve really been loving the brands Universal Thread, which gives me a Madewell vibe, and Who What Wear. ASOS is overall a great place for everything on your list, and the video of each item allows you to see what the fabric and item really look like in person. And last but not least is DSW for shoes.

Little Pops Of Color

Now even though this is something new I’ve added to my wardrobe, I highly recommend adding some color this summer to your clothing. Little pops of color can be such a fun addition to an all black or neutral outfit. My favorite items for a pop of color are a colored purse/bag, colored pair of pants, or colored jewelry. The colors I personally am loving this season are blush and pink tones, mustard yellow, forest green, blues, and of course, red. Find a color that you love and add a little pop of it to your clothing, so you don’t have to commit to it too much.

And those are my tips for hopefully making summer style a bit easier this year! What store is your favorite to shop for summer clothing?

6 responses to “My Summer Style Tips + Favorite Places To Shop”

  1. Courtney says:

    Kara, this outfit. OOF, you’re killing it girl. Not sure why everyone thinks that you shouldn’t wear black in the summer, but when it’s something cute like this, how can you not?? You’re so killing the red lipstick by the way!

  2. I’m the total opposite and am absolutely obsessed with summer fashion – it’s by far my favourite season to plan outfits for! All these tips were fab though and I really like the pop of colour you’re adding too – that bag is so cute!

    Heather xoxo

    • Kara Callahan says:

      Your summer outfits are always so cute so I can see why it’s your favorite season to dress for! Thank you Heather! x

  3. Susie says:

    Comfort is totally key!!! I completely agree! But yes I love to try out new trends too 🙂 It’s fun to test out new things <3

    • Kara Callahan says:

      It is so fun to try new things out! That’s always what I look forward to with each new season x

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