8 Best Simple Features To Have On Your Blog


One of the best things about blogging is you have endless freedom to do what you want, with everything from the type of content you create to the look of your blog. This can be overwhelming, especially with figuring out what you should include on your blog. I know that when I first started my blog I had no idea what my blog needed, so I thought I would make a guide that I wish I had read when I started blogging, to help any of you! This is mainly for new bloggers, but it could be helpful even if you’ve been blogging for years. Here are the 8 best simple features to have on your blog!

FAQ / About Page

Creating an about page is a quick, simple way for new readers, or even people who have been reading your blog for awhile to get to know you better and it all be in one place. An about page can be pretty much anything you want it to be. You can share some personal bits about you, why you started your blog, what people can expect from your blog, and so much more! One tip I have is to read other bloggers about pages to get a bit of inspiration if you’re stuck.

An FAQ page is also a good idea if you are getting any frequently asked questions, or even if you just want to give people an easy place to find an answer to a question they might have in the future. You can include what camera you use, how old you are, how you edit your photos, etc.


Create a few main categories for your blog, such a lifestyle, photography, beauty, etc., so readers can easily read posts that are similar. You can use a drop down list on your top navigation bar if your blog template supports that, have them on the navigation bar one next to the other, or on your blog’s side bar. If you want to get more specific you can even include sub-categories (ex: under beauty you can have favorites, makeup looks, etc. ) to narrow it down even more.

Search Bar

I’ve stopped counting how many times I’ve come across a blog and wanted to search something, only to sadly not find a search bar or box. Make it easy for your blog readers to find a post on any topic they want, and pick a blog design that includes a search bar. If your design doesn’t include one, do a quick Google search to see if you can code one in!

Contact Page

A one stop page of every way someone, either a reader or potential brand collaboration, can get in touch with you is important as a blogger. Include an email, and any other ways they can contact you (social media, etc.), as well as any other information you feel is important they know before contacting you.

Social Media Links

The goal is to not only have people want to read your blog, but also hopefully follow you on different social media platforms too. So make it easy for them! Have social media icons that link back to your different accounts so they can get there in one click.

A Photo Of You 

Now if you’re not comfortable with this that is 100% okay, since it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want. But if you are comfortable with it, be sure to include a photo of you either on your blog’s side bar or on your about page. This way any new blog visitor can easily put a face to the name and connect more with the person behind the blog.

Shop My Wardrobe 

If you’re a fashion blogger this is a smart feature to have, but even if you’re not it is still a good feature to have. It puts every clothing or even beauty item that you’ve ever posted about online all in one place for people to easily find and shop. My favorite platform to use for this is ShopStyle, as it allows you to create an easy to use grid that you can add or change new items without having to insert a new code.

You can read more about easy ways to use affiliate links on your blog here!


Besides having your social media links on your blog’s homepage, it’s also a good idea to show each individual one too. You can do this for Twitter and Facebook, but a good one to start out with is Instagram! Having your most recent Instagram photos somewhere on your blog can help not only drive more traffic to your Instagram, but give readers a better look at the other content you create. You can do this by having a grid or slider on your side bar by adding a widget, or most blog templates have the added feature of it being at the bottom of every page of your blog.

And those are the 8 best simple features to have on your blog! I hoped this helps, and let me know if you plan on adding any of these to your blog.

4 responses to “8 Best Simple Features To Have On Your Blog”

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks! This gave me a few things to try out.

  2. Susie says:

    I really should get a contact/FAQ/About page up! I totally forgot about it all!! Also do you have any tips for self hosting!? I want to move my blog but don’t want to lose all my content and I have no idea how to do it all ughhh

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I would definitely recommend self hosting as it makes blogging so much easier! I did have some of my older blog post photos not transfer over so I had to manually do it myself, but there are places that if you use their hosting service they’ll transfer everything over for you. I personally use Siteground and love it, and they were a big help with transferring over.

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