Easy Ways To Get Ready For Spring


Happy Spring! After what felt like a really long winter, Spring is finally here and the warm weather is slowly coming. Although Fall is my favorite season, I’ve always loved Spring because it feels like a new beginning. The warm weather and sunshine are the perfect motivation to try something new and to organize your life. I thought I would share some different easy ways you can get ready for Spring!

Decluttering your space: physical and digital

Spring cleaning might seem like an overused term, but there honestly is no better feeling than getting rid of what you no longer need! Spend a weekend getting rid of the things you don’t use and organizing your space. Before putting everything back, give your space a deep clean too. And this doesn’t just apply to your actual space. Giving your digital space a declutter is needed too! Go through your computer + phone and put things on a hard drive, close any tabs you no longer need and remove any apps you don’t use.

Get active and start a workout routine

It can be hard to be active during winter since it’s just too cold to do anything outside. But being active and having a regular workout routine is the best thing for both your body and mind. So think of some ways you can get moving and give it a try! The important thing is to find something you enjoy doing and sticking to it. It can be something as simple as going for walks or doing some pilates + yoga at home.

Add some life to your space

One of the best things about spring is when all the flowers start to bloom. So you might as well bring some inside too!  Trader Joe’s is always my favorite place to pick up some flowers. But if you’re not a flower person, add a few plants to your space!

Switch Out Pillows and Blankets

The best way to give your space the feeling of being new is by changing out your pillows and blankets. This doesn’t have to be expensive either! IKEA is one of my favorite places to get pillows because all you have to do is buy a new cover. I always prefer having lighter pillows in spring and darker, knit ones for winter.  Find some pillows that give you the best spring/summer vibes + a light throw and add them to your space.

Re-Evaluate your wardrobe

Another great place to declutter is your wardrobe! At the end of every season, I like to go through my closet and see what I didn’t wear. So take some time to go through your winter wardrobe and get rid of what you didn’t wear, since chances are you probably won’t wear it again. And then treat yourself to a few new items in your spring wardrobe! This way when the weather warms up you have something to look forward to wearing.

And those are some easy ways to get ready for spring! I’d love to know how you plan on getting ready for spring!

39 responses to “Easy Ways To Get Ready For Spring”

  1. Radi says:

    I’ve done almost everything on your list. Spring is my favorite time to clean up and organize everything.
    Happy spring!

  2. Naya says:

    This post got me so excited to actually go through my wardrobe, Marie Kondo style. I am also excited to shop for some new accessories, hair clips perhaps – because I see them everywhere online and there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from. You look amazing by the way! xx


  3. Ivana Split says:

    Great tips! I really like the one about bringing the flowers in. I love to do that! Just a couple of days ago, I bought myself a rose and made a DIY bouquet with it and some greenary from my garden. I love how it turned out.

    You look so lovely in that dress. The scarf is a great touch as well. You look fantastic dear!

  4. Kayla says:

    This mad me so nostalgic for spring! We’re just entering Autumn here in Australia.

  5. Quinn says:

    I am loving your style for spring! Still so YOU, but with a twist. That bandana is just too cute. I’m all for switching out pillows and blankets and bringing some life to your space! You’re inspiring me to finally get some greenery xx

  6. Nina says:

    I am so ready for spring! Love this look on you, so cute!
    xx- Nina

  7. Samantha says:

    Love these! I totally need to get organized!

  8. Very nice tips. I am planning to do a spring cleaning and decluttering very soon. I am not particularly looking forward to doing it but I know I will be so happy after.

  9. Jessica says:

    Such a lovely look, and wonderful tips as always! Have a nice Monday, Kara!

  10. Allie Mackin says:

    Great tips here! I took like to have cleaning out of my wardrobe. And this rust colored dress is so fun. And LOVE your photos! So much is blooming there. Spring has not sprung here yet. Nothing is blooming lol

    Allie of

  11. Hi Kara
    I ve already done my spring cleanings in my closet, I love to have everything organised and all that I dont need anymore I gave to others.
    I have a big garden so in my room theres always flowers!!
    You have a simple and beautiful spring dress.

  12. Gemma says:

    Such great tips! Have a lovely week.

    Gemma x

  13. Decluttering space and switch out blankets and pillows in brighter colors are two must to do things every Spring! After I read your post I need to try decluttering digital space. Your photos are so beautiful and I really like you dress! You are amazing!

  14. Kathrin says:

    Your spring photos are so beautiful. It’s still pretty gloomy here, but most of the snow has melted. I love how bright and happy your photos are and you look lovely in the warm-toned dress.

    These are also great tips. I love going for walks when there’s more sun out since it always improves my mood and I agree that it’s a great time to do some decluttering. I wouldn’t have thought of decluttering my digital space though, but now I think I’m going to in the next few weeks. Thanks for the great suggestions.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  15. Gabrielle says:

    I love your suggestion to try something new this season; it’s definitely the perfect time of year to be focusing on that! The scarf around your neck is super cute by the way 🙂 x

  16. I started decluttering and I have to say, it feels so great to get rid of unwanted things that basically lack substance 🙂 This is such great advice and I love a great workout routine especially for spring. Your outfit is beautiful! I hope your having a great week xx

  17. Itzel Najar says:

    Really cool post!
    thanks for sharing!!

  18. Jacob says:

    The pillows and sheet switching is a cool get ready for spring, you dress is so cool
    New post

  19. Gemma Etc. says:

    I love a good declutter, it always helps to motivate me when there’s a new season xx

  20. Lovely says:

    Awesome ideas Kara, we have started spring cleaning and decluttering our house. You look gorgeous in that red dress darling!


  21. Ashley says:

    I love your tips- definitely putting a note in my calendar to declutter my phone + computer! Such a good idea!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. Flea says:

    Love all these tips! decluttering and reorganizing is a great way to start the new season 🙂

  23. Ann says:

    Great tips!
    And you look pretty in that dress.


  24. Laura says:

    I love the idea of switching pillows, blankets, or other accents when the seasons change. It’s such a simple and more affordable option than a complete re-do. Hope you’re having a good week!

  25. Gabi says:

    These spring photos are so beautiful, I absolutely love the dress you are wearing –and the scarf adds such a nice touch!
    xGabi |

  26. Missy May says:

    Yes to all of these suggestions, Kara. Decluttering my bedroom/closet is something I need to do over here. Get rid of some clothes.
    You look wondreful! This is such a lovely dress and perfect for spring/summer.

  27. Patricia says:

    I’m with you on all of those! I regularly buy flowers from Trader Joe’s and the selection lately is amazing! I’ve also declutured my closet. Actually it’s been an ongoing project for months. I began selling my items on Poshmark and although it’s going well, it’s a bit slower than I’d like. My husband and I have also resumed our evening walks, weather permitting, and it gives me so much energy and helps clear my head.

  28. Emily says:

    LOVE these tips – decluttering my living space is always HUGE for me. I notice such a difference in my productivity and overall mood when I’m not living in a mess!

    -Emily |

  29. Mica says:

    That is such a cute dress! Good tips too! I’m certainly better at decluttering digitally than I am decluttering my wardrobe, but I am trying to make more progress with the wardrobe side of things this year! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely week 🙂 We finally have some cooler autumn weather – I got to wear jeans yesterday!

    Away From The Blue

  30. Chanel says:

    Love those shoes! Great post, I need to get my workout sched figured out!

    S | Je M’appelle Chanel

  31. Nancy says:

    YESSS! I love that the new season means new opportunities for different things. I like the idea of trying out new things AND THAT SPRING CLEANING VIBE!! I’ve been doing a major digital cleanup recently and I am loving it. It is never too late to start working out either. I recently bought new sheets and pillow covers. Highly recommend.
    Thanks for sharing some of these Spring inspo!

    Nancy ♥

  32. The Evolista says:

    Love your Spring tips. It’s so interesting that the change in season leaves us all ready for a fresh start. Decluttering and making changes in the closet always makes me feel excited about new lighter, brighter clothes.

    xx Jenifer

  33. Anna says:

    Fall is also my favorite season, but I agree – Spring is so much about new beginnings! I should start by getting rid of old things! A workout routine is a must to get in better shape for the beach season!

    Have a nice week!

  34. Claire says:

    i like the idea of decluttering my space before spring! it makes me feel more fresh and motivated!

  35. Jessica says:

    Lovely tips dear! Also, that dress is absolutely adorable on you.

    Jessica |

  36. I like these suggestions and tips. I change up my workout routine regularly so I definitely love that one. Decluttering a space is essential for me and I think more and more people are realising how helpful it can be for creativity.<3


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