Lifestyle Changes I’m Making To Improve My Life


One of the best but also the hardest conclusions to come to in life is realizing that you have complete control and everything is up to you. If you want to change, you have to put in the work, determination, and energy. No one else can do it for you. With the warmer weather, I’ve started looking at my lifestyle and decided that there is no better time than the present to make the changes I want. So if you’ve been wanting to do the same or are just curious, here are the lifestyle changes I’ve been making to improve my life!

Getting up earlier

There’s just something so magical about waking up before the rest of the world is up and going. Now, I’ve by no means gotten to that point yet, but I’m slowly getting back into getting up earlier and it just makes me feel better. Naturally, I’m a night owl, but by slowly changing my clock I’ve gotten better at getting up before 8. My goal is to start getting up at 6:30, which will take some time. Getting up earlier means I have more time to relax before my day starts and I have more time to get things done.

Drinking plenty of water

Growing up I used to be terrible at staying hydrated, to the point where it is the only thing I’ve gone to the hospital for. Now I’ve become much better at drinking a lot of water throughout the day, and I can really feel the difference! I have more energy, my skin feels more hydrated, and it just helps my overall mood.

Going for a 4-mile walk three times a week

Anyone who has ever known me can tell you that I hate exercising. I have always been one not to do it, but I’ve realized that I don’t actually hate exercising. I just hate doing it in a typical gym setting. My kind of exercise is exercise that doesn’t feel like I’m exercising, if that makes any sense. That’s why I have always loved going on long walks. So recently I’ve started going for a 4-mile walk around this lake close to where I live, and I do this 3 times a week. Being out in nature does wonders for my mood, and I’ve started feeling better physically and mentally. It really is all about finding the kind of exercising that’s right for you!

Quick showers to music

The shower is always where I like to spend a lot of time to think, but I noticed that it was a long part of my morning routine. So to help me take shorter showers, I pick one song that puts me in a good mood to play on repeat. This way, I know how long I’ve been in the shower and I usually can be out before it ends a second time. Plus, this also helps me use less water. I do still give myself one day a week to take a bit of a longer shower.

Eating better + Changing my meals

About a year ago I discovered blue zones, and it has been something I’ve been interested in ever since. Blue zones are the 5 places in the world where people live the longest, and it all comes down to lifestyle. One of the changes I’ve made besides eating more fruits and vegetables is having my largest meal be lunch instead of dinner. This is something people in blue zones do, and I have been able to feel a difference + my body has more time to digest the food.

Focusing on skincare over makeup

When it comes to skincare and beauty products I always used to focus more on makeup rather than skincare. These past few months I’ve switched my focus to skincare. I’ve started hydrating my skin more and using products with better ingredients. My skin still has some problems, but I’ve started wearing less makeup because I don’t feel I need as much anymore.

Finding a Mindful Activity

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find something that’s your “meditation”. And by this, I mean something that makes you 100% present in the moment and stops your mind from wandering to anything else. This can be anything from coloring to gardening or actually meditating. For me, it’s drawing. I’ve started giving myself time at the end of the day to draw on my iPad and it’s the perfect way to relax and calm my mind.

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And those are a few of the positive lifestyle changes I have been making recently! I’d love to know if you’ve made any lifestyle changes recently, and remember that it takes time and effort to form a new habit!

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  1. Eva Redson says:

    a great blogpost as usual my dear!! 🙂

    Check out my new article if you want:
    How To Style Linen Palazzo Pants | Italian Style

    xx Eva

  2. These are all great ideas, I get up at 6:30 when I have to for work. Besides that I am up at 8 o 9

  3. Naya says:

    Kara you are such a beautiful soul! I really enjoyed reading all about these lifestyle changes and have to say I love the idea about only listening to one song on repeat while taking shower (I happen to do the same thing actually!). Oftentimes I listen to my morning meditation while washing hair as well, so I know exactly just how much time I spend in there (10-15 minutes lol). Lately I have been feeling very anxious, so I guess it is also time for me to find a new relaxing, bedtime hobby to calm my racing thoughts and get in the mood for sleep xx


  4. Jessica says:

    I started focusing on skincare over makeup when I had my daughter, and it’s definitely helpful when you’re rushed for time! Love these changes!

  5. Allie Mackin says:

    Oh these are excellent goals to set for yourself. I practice many of these myself. Though walking has fallen off since I was laid off. When I am working and commuting I walk a lot as I do not drive. I miss it

    Allie of

  6. Radi says:

    You’re so right… it’s all up to us… the power is within us.
    I enjoy being outside, working out and listening/dancing to music.

  7. Katherine says:

    I totally feel you on how nice it is to wake up early and know there’s still so much time in the day to do things. I love that you do the 4-mile walk three times a week. That’s a lot of commitment and I’m sure a great workout!

  8. Ashley says:

    I love these lifestyle changes! Water is so key; I try and fill up this huge tumbler at my desk a few times a day to max out on the hydration.

    I love that you take long walks! I’ve been trying to shake up my workout routine here lately and incorporate some new activities. I think going on a long walk might be in my cards! 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Jenny says:

    These are great changes and I really need to start doing them myself. I walk to work everyday which does help, it’s an hour each way! I find it super relaxing and if it rains I just get the bus 🙂

    Jenny | Local Leo

  10. Hi Kara
    I also made some changes to improve my lifestyle, I also drink lots of water, I do some great walks, I don’t go without make up, when we have more than 40 years we take care of the skin but the make up is fundamental !!
    And I loved your look, it’s so much your face !!


  11. Kinga says:

    Good luck pretty:)

  12. Gemma says:

    These are some great changes! I would love to find out more about the blue zones! Will have to look this up!

    Gemma x

  13. These changes really can improve life. When Spring is start some of them I include in my daily routine as well as walking outside and drink more water, but now I’m going to see what else I can do. Thank you for advice and motivation.

    New Post –

  14. Elisa says:

    What an inspiring post you shared !
    I totally agree with you and getting up earlier is on my list too!
    xx Elisa

  15. I love all these changes that you have made! Love the striped dress and thanks for all these suggestions to improve myself.

  16. Jessica says:

    Great list dear, and I couldn’t agree more, especially with the last one. Also, loving the spring look you have here. Really adorable!
    Jessica |

  17. Lovely says:

    Loving all these changes that you have made Kara! I am trying to find mindful activities to do too. This is the one I struggle one, have a wonderful weekend.


  18. Brandi says:

    Kara, I can relate to this post so much. I love all these activities you have in mind. I recently have been choosing skincare of makeup and man it shows! 😀 im glad to give me skin some breathing room. I love all these. i can go on and on about this post but i’ll stop here lol don’t wanna type out an essay. Great post!

  19. Nancy says:

    I love that you’re making some changes to your lifestyle. It is so important to drink a lot of water. This is literally your body’s lifeline. YESSS on getting up earlier! The early bird catches the worm, hehe. I like that you’re going on a long distance walk multiple times a week. This adds up! Skincare is the basis – I wouldn’t wear makeup if I have flawless skin, so it starts there. Keep it up with these awesome changes!

    Nancy ♥

  20. Ivana Split says:

    I agree that getting up early has its advantages. One feels like the day lasts longer. My fav thing about getting up early is taking some time for myself. Sometimes it is nice to sleep in, but I try not to make it a habit.

    I really like your tip about showering to a song on a repeat, that way we can know for how long we have been in the shower. I love long showers, but I know they are bad for the skin because they dried it out and they are also not good for the environment. I allow myself a long shower once in a while but I try to make most of them short.

    My food habits are quite healthy, but I need to work on my fitness. I like to exercise but sometimes it is a challenge to find time. That is why I try to take long walks and go hiking at least once a week. These are all great tips btw. Thank you for sharing.

    You look lovely in this dress. I really like your denim jacket.

  21. Dorota says:

    Getting up early is my everyday nightmare, I start work at 7 am and have to wake up each day before 6! This is torture, should definitely be paid more 🙂 I used to have problems with drinking enough water as well, so I literally forced myself to drink more – I lived in Portugal at that time so was thirsty all the time due to heat. Good luck with your improvements! Hope you succeed!

  22. Eena says:

    KARA! I absolutely adore this post. I agree with a few of the changes you want to make – eating better, drinking more water and walking more during the week. We can do this! Good luck with your goals and I hope you achieve them!

    cabin twenty-four

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