Tips For Working From Home During The Colder Months


The colder months are always my favorite. Being able to wear sweaters, spending cozy nights inside with a good book and a cup of tea. Although sometimes there is nothing better than being all cozied up on a chilly day working at your desk, the sun setting by 5 pm or earlier gets old real quick. The lack of sunshine can be draining and makes it hard to feel motivated when all you want to do is curl up in bed.

I spend a lot of time working from home since my job, most of my college work, and my blog are all things I do online. The freedom working from home gives you is great, but the colder months somehow always seem to be the hardest. Whether you work at home, are doing college work, or writing and creating content for your blog or business, here are some things that may help with working at home during the colder months.

The Cozier, the Better

Your workspace really does play a big part in how you work. You don’t want to make it so cozy that you end up wanting to take a little nap, but it is important to make it a place you look forward to working at. An organized and clean of clutter space makes all the difference with reducing stress and helping you focus on completing your to-do list. A comfortable chair that you can spend hours in is a must, and I find having minimal decor pieces on my desk that I love helps inspire me.

Lots of Lighting

Since there sadly isn’t any way to control how much sunshine we get, the next best thing is creating your own. My go-to is always burning candles around my workspace, but not directly on my desk so I don’t accidentally burn any paper while working. It gives the perfect mix of extra lighting and warmth to your space. My advice is to only burn one that has a light scent, and the rest be non-scented candles. A few lamps also work just as well.

New Stationery Items

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but sometimes the best little motivation is treating yourself to some new stationery items! It can be a new notebook, planner, paper pad, pens, or anything else you have been wanting to treat yourself to for a while. Just make sure it is something you will actually use.

Sometimes, you just have to go out

No matter how cozy and wonderful it is to have the freedom to work from home, sometimes you just have to get out of the house. And you should! Since it is a bit too cold to do any work outside, on days where you feel a bit stuck, try finding a local coffee shop to do some work in. Or if you can only work in complete silence like me, go to a local library.

It is also important to take breaks throughout the day. Get up every hour and move around for 5 minutes. Stretch your legs, refill your water bottle, or complete a small little task around the house. I find taking a quick little walk in the afternoon, no matter how cold, is just what I need to clear my mind.

Listen to your body

Some days you just need to take it a bit slow and do not much of anything, and that is perfectly okay. Listen to your body and give yourself those needed moments of rest. If you overwork yourself, chances are you won’t get anything done.

I hope the colder months are good to you this year and that no matter where you work that you are enjoying what you are doing. Just remember, everything in life comes and goes, and this too will pass. Might as well make the best of it while it is here.

33 responses to “Tips For Working From Home During The Colder Months”

  1. Merel says:

    It is so true! I also work from home, and there are times I stay inside for 3 days in a row 🙁

    X Merel

  2. Kayla says:

    Love all these little tips! Also your work station is goals.
    I’ve just moved from Australia to Canada, so my winter is about to be VERY different to what I’m used to.

  3. Eunice says:

    Great tips lovely! Your workspace is super cute x

  4. Merel says:

    I love to burn candles in my workspace!

    x Merel

  5. These are great tips! It’s already turned extremely cold here and so I need to adapt asap.

  6. Tina says:

    Such a great guide – I always feel that light is the most important for me . And with colder months, its of course not that easy – but light chains and candles can really help 🙂


  7. Simone says:

    Staying at home all day is so cozy, you may even wear your PJ’s the whole day 😉 So many great tips you’ve mentioned! Still some fresh air is important, even though it’s freezing cold outside.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  8. I just love your tips! They are always really to the point

  9. Melody Jacob says:

    great tips and you have a lovely work place.
    Lots of lights really needed
    It is almost weekend, what’s your plan?

    new post:

  10. Quinn says:

    A huge yes to all of this! Cozying up and letting some sunlight in always seem to do the trick for me when I need to get artwork done. I have been listening to my body more recently though – slowing down is just what I’ve needed. I hope you get some R&R in between all of your work, Kara!


  11. Sara says:

    Very great tips. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a beautiful day!

  12. Ashley says:

    Lighting is SO key for me in the winter when trying to work from home!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Miri says:

    So interesting that you like the cold months better than the warm ones! I agree if its cold outside, you have to make it cozy inside and you totally managed that. Unfortunately I can work only sometimes from home. If I go I sit at out kitchen table as the lighting there is simply the best. Thank you so much for sharing your tips here.

    lots of love, Miri

  14. Melissa Kacar says:

    Most of my college classes are online this semester, so all of these tips are so useful for me! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  15. Gemma says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I like the idea of the candles for extra light. I never thought of that before.
    Gemma x

  16. Vanessa says:

    Looks so cozy indeed! I love to wear sweaters but I am not a fan of the cold.
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  17. Nina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your tips dear!
    Have a lovely day! xx

    La ilusión de Nina –

  18. Radi says:

    Love the way your work desk looks… so organized and inspiring just how it should be so you’re ready to get things done 🙂

  19. Mica says:

    these are good tips! I like having candles burning, it makes me happy! 🙂 I really like how organised your desk is too – I need to be better at that!

    Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you! It will be a quiet one here, we are all a little unwell and the smoke haze means we need to stay indoors mostly!

  20. Lovely says:

    Great tips Kara, at least this year for me I don’t have to contend with the cold weather.


  21. Biki says:

    Liking the topic of this post even though it hits a nerve as my company just stopped us from working from home – nooooo!
    Anyhoo, I still work at home during the weekends- good lighting at home is so important, my flat could be better here. Also I neeeeeed a decent chair for my back and desk, tsigh.
    Have a lovely Sunday, Xo

  22. Karolina says:

    A great post! I love your blog. Your content is very interesting < 3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  23. Kinga says:

    I always like your tips ♥

  24. mercy says:

    Such helpful tips! I think these really contribute to a productive days working from home.

  25. I always end up getting too cozy and taking a nap, haha!

  26. jasna says:

    Great tips babe, I love having candles in winter at my desk while I am working, with coffee and a blanket 🙂 xx

  27. Angie says:

    I totally agree with decluttering your work space or switching things up and going outside! When I was studying for my licensing exam, I always found myself more focused and productive studying at a coffee shop or library. Our bookstore here has a cozy study area as well, so sometimes I’d work there and take my breaks looking at their bookshelves haha!

  28. Nina says:

    These are amazing tips. Lighting and new stationary items are very important. Happy Tuesday Kara.

  29. Gabrielle says:

    The cosier, the better <<< totally agree, completely! I try to make my work space as comforting and welcoming as possible all year round, though x10 during the colder months of the year. This includes blankets, candles, hot oat bags to keep my feet warm (lol), hot chocolate etc. Lovely post darling; I hope you're having a great week so far! x

  30. Ekaterina says:

    These are all amazing tips for working at home! I spend a lot of my time at home as well and it can get a bit tiring.I especially love the point about taking a walk and I’ve been trying to do more of that lately and found it particularly helpful.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

  31. Jessica says:

    These are really incredible tips dear. Yes, a good lighting can really make a huge difference.

    Jessica |

  32. Hello Kara
    I, due to my broken leg, am also at home and I love to have the fireplace lit and in between breaks drink some warm tea, I like to have new notebooks to write my blog texts.
    Your tips are great !!

  33. Sonia Aicha says:

    This is such an inspiring post,
    thanks for all the tips as we are getting into winter in Montreal and I will be working from home.


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