For When You Have Too Much On Your Plate


Putting too much on your plate” might be my middle name right now. I talked in a previous post about when everything in life seems to happen at once, and oh it did. I somehow am now working 3 part times jobs (two are from home), taking 4 regular college classes and 1 minimester class, all while still making free time for the things I love. And although it can get stressful at times, I couldn’t be happier! If you’re like me and seem to put or have too much on your plate, here are some tips to help!

Schedule time for nothing

You need down-time to do not much of anything. But when you’re running around trying to complete a bunch of tasks, it can be easy to forget about it until the end of the day when all you want to do is go to bed. Schedule in some time during your week to do not much of anything. Lounge around, read a book, go for a walk or just take a nap.

Know when to drop something and what should go first

There is no way you can do it all. Everything in life is a balancing act, but sometimes one more thing just tips everything over. It’s important to know when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed, and when that happens it is probably time to drop something. Figure out what should go first based on what is more important in your life, what you need, and what aligns with your goals.

For me, if it all gets too much since this is my first week juggling all of these things, I already know which job will be the first that has to go. This is mainly due to the fact that college comes first and the other two jobs pay more.

Make time to focus on yourself 

If you don’t look after yourself and take time to relax, eventually you will burnout. Take some time every day to focus on yourself: a skincare routine for mornings or evenings that gives you time to relax, making sure you get to bed with plenty of time to get 8ish hours sleep (let’s be honest- this isn’t possible every night), time before bed to read, a good lunch every day. It’s the little things that can really help you through the busy, stressful times.

Talk about how you’re feeling

We all get pent-up emotions when we’re stressed, and honestly, there is nothing better than having a little rant to someone you trust about how you’re feeling and everything that is happening at the moment. Getting it off your chest is one of the best feelings.

I hope these tips help and that everything isn’t too stressful for you all at the moment!

13 responses to “For When You Have Too Much On Your Plate”

  1. Wow, you do have a lot on your plate! These are great tips Kara, I love the tip scheldule time for nothing, this can really clear the mind and help you focus. It is really good that you know what to drop if life gets too overwhelming for you. Have a great week. Janet xxx

  2. Quinn says:

    I have been where you are and it is equal parts awesome and anxiety-inducing, right?! So lovely to have a purpose, but also stressful. Making sure that you’re communicating what is going on is crucial. You’re on the right path for sure, Kara!


  3. Gemma says:

    Sounds like an extremely busy time for you! Have a good start to the new week.
    Gemma x

  4. Taking time for yourself is a huge one for me! Thanks for sharing these great tips Kara. Love that you can do so much but still take a step back.

  5. jasna says:

    These are such great tips, taking time out for ourselves is so vital 🙂 xx

  6. Mariann Yip says:

    I am a firm believer in balance and always like to take a step back when I feel like things are getting too much for me to handle. Thanks for sharing this post!

  7. Kinga says:

    I always love your inspirations 🙂

  8. Radi says:

    This is so on point. I think it’s about balance and really paying attention to your feelings.

  9. Jessica says:

    I am guilty of this sometimes, especially when you are a workaholic. I do believe that having some down time can definitely help.

    Jessica |

  10. Lovely says:

    Also guilty of this Kara, so your not alone darling. I do try to take some time off for myself. Hope you have a wonderful weekend hun.


  11. Dasynka says:

    Wow you do so much! I’m trying to be better in my organization, and I need to start planning some free time cause I feel overwhelmed at times.. but doing many things is something that makes me feel fulfilled 🙂 keep going!

    xx Dasynka

  12. merel says:

    Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

    X Merel

  13. Tiziana says:

    Wow Kara you really have a lot on your plate! Would love to hear some more tips and an update how the current situation has changed things for you.
    Have a great start in the new week!

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