Summer Road Trip Photo Journal No.1


It’s been a while. The last month was a really busy one for me, and although the circumstances aren’t the best, it has been lovely to get away for a bit. Having planned this trip in January, my family and I decided to still go since all we do when we travel is go hiking. It has been wonderful to be surrounded by nature and away from people; perfect for clearing the mind and refocusing on what is important. Here are some photos from the first part of the road trip, with more to come in another post.



10 responses to “Summer Road Trip Photo Journal No.1”

  1. Eli says:

    Oh wow!! How beautiful! And yes, I also agree that there are ways and ways of traveling. If you’re not going to be much in contact with others, then I think there’s no problem. Plus, going to the nature is so good for the soul.
    Have a lovely week!

    Eli – Curly Style

  2. Janet says:

    These photos are so beautiful Kara! What stunning places you have visited. This is definitely my kind of scenery! xx

  3. Lovely says:

    Your pictures are always beautiful Kara, how amazing you got to visit these places!


  4. Patricia says:

    Beautiful photos, Kara! These are the best types of trips, especially now with everything going on in the world. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

  5. Kinga says:

    Amazing nature photos❤

  6. Radi says:

    For sure now is the best time for road trips in nature. Love your photo diary.
    Can’t wait for my next road trip! 🙂

  7. Missy May says:

    Now these are some beautiful shots of nature, Kara! Definitely a good way to escape with everything going on in this world. Love it!!

  8. Your photos are amazing. Nature and water look so beautiful and peaceful. Perfect place for relax and connect with nature.

    New Post –

  9. Angie says:

    In light of everything that has been happening this year, I found comfort in surrounding myself with nature. My household and I have been to trails, and it’s so peaceful and helps clear the mind.

    Wishing you all the best! <3 thank you for this lovely post.