Welcome to Kara’sCloset!


I’m Kara Callahan, a 21 year old business student, lifestyle and fashion blogger, photo taker, book lover, and all around creative person. I’ve always had a love for fashion and photography. I never knew blogging was an option until my freshman year of college. A blog seemed like the perfect place to incorporate all the things I love while being able to share my tips. I started Kara’sCloset my freshman year of college, but only recently started full time blogging in August 2016.


Kara’sCloset is the space for me to share my adventure through my twenties. You can expect everything from blogging tips– where I share what I’ve learned throughout blogging so far + tips to help make blogging easier, lifestyle posts– where I share tips to help your everyday life: everything from work + travel + life tips + beauty + photography + peeks into my daily life + book recommendations & more, and fashion– where I share my journey through discovering my personal style with OOTD’S + fashion advice and ideas!

I look forward to sharing my adventure through my twenties with you, and helping you grow and succeed with your blog, life, and give you inspiration. I hope you stay along for the ride!



  • I was born and raised in New York, but now live a little further down the east coast.
  • I am a proud dog mom to a 10 pound Bichon named Sami.
  • I have a youtube channel where I make style, lifestyle, and travel videos a few times a month.
  • I am a complete bookworm, and I’ll take tea over coffee any day.
  • Hand me a camera and a good book, and I’ll be happy for a lifetime.
  • Instagram is my favorite social media platform, which you can follow along with me here.



For business inquires, contact me at and please read my contact page first. To ask any questions or any comments, feel free to contact me via Instagram or Twitter ,or just simply comment on my blog!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in my posts are affiliated, which means I do make a very small amount from them. I only post links to items that are in the post or are similar if the original item is sold out. You don’t have to use them, but they do help! I also only work with brands/show items that I think are beneficial to you guys. I will always let you know when an item was sent to me, and I will always share my honest opinion.