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Lessons I’m Learning To Live By This Summer


The days are now hot and long, and even though Fall is my favorite season, I’m learning to love summer more and more. With each season comes learning new things, starting new habits, and letting go of old ones. This summer for me has been…

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Mount Rainier + Olympic Travel Diary


Two weeks ago I posted photos from the first part of my trip this summer (you can read it here), and the second part of my trip was my favorite! I went back to a place I love and discovered what might possibly be my…

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Spending Less Time Online This Summer


The warmer months are perfect for spending less time online and more time outside in the sunshine. It can be so easy to spend most of our free time on our phone or computer (I do this a bit too much), but taking time to…

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Yosemite + Crater Lake Travel Diary


For the past almost three weeks I’ve been traveling on the west coast to different national parks, which is why I have been a bit absent on here. Every summer for the last 5 years, my family and I take a trip together. It is…

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A Chat About Authenticity When Creating Content Online


Authenticity is a word that is used a lot when it comes to blogging and creating content online. It can be so easy as a blogger to sometimes wonder if you are being 100% authentic, especially if you are an overthinker like me. I thought…

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5 Spring Outfits


Spring is here (even though it feels as hot as the sun out), and most winter + fall clothing has been put away for good.  It can sometimes be hard to figure out what to wear when all you really care about is staying as cool…

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Ways To Fall Back In Love With Blogging


Blogging is one of the things I always look forward to doing each day, but after doing it for a while it can be easy to fall out of love with it for a bit. You always have to be creative, thinking of new content…

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My “Studio Apartment” Bedroom


Over two years ago I created a post filled with tips on creating a “studio apartment” bedroom which you can read here. Back then I had just changed up my space and still had a lot to add. Now I can pretty much say that…

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Spring Edit: Beauty, Fashion, + Lifestyle Favorites


Spring is slowly becoming my favorite season and with every new season comes falling in love with new items and back in love with old ones. Here is my spring edit with my favorite skincare, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle favorites! SKINCARE Botanics Clay Face Mask…

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