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Favorite Apps For Instagram Stories

When Instagram stories first came out I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but now I really enjoy using it. It’s a great way to give people a more candid look into your daily life. Although Instagram stories have great features you can use, there are a lot of apps that are perfect if you want to be a bit more creative. So here are my favorite apps…

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Styles and Items I’ve Added To My Fall Wardrobe

Fall weather is slowly coming, so it’s no surprise I’ve been doing some fall shopping recently. It’s my favorite season for clothing, which does mean I tend to buy a bit too much. Most of the clothing items I have bought for fall this year will be sold out by the time I can wear and post them on my blog. So I thought I…

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7 Things That Help Me Be Productive Every Day

Although I’m the type of person who loves change, there are certain things I need in order to be the most productive I can be. Over the years I’ve figured out what helps me work better and what I should avoid, although I’m still figuring some of this out to this day. I thought I would share the 7 things that help me be productive…

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2 Years Of Blogging: What I’ve Learned + Enjoyed

When I realized at the end of August that I had been blogging for two years, I couldn’t believe time had flown by that fast. It still honestly feels like just a few months ago I started blogging regularly, but it also feels like I’ve been doing this for most of my life. Like with everything else in life, I’ve learned a lot along the…

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