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How I’m Adding Slow Living Into My Life

Slow living is a term I’ve heard a lot this year, and for good reason. It’s all about slowing down and living a more mindful life. As someone who is very much go-go-go, and on days where I don’t feel I did enough I tend to beat myself up about it, adding slow living into my life seemed like the perfect choice. If you’re new…

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My Favorite Accessories for Spring

You may have noticed from my previous outfit photos, but I’m not someone who wears too many accessories except for a purse/bag. However recently I’ve become more in love with wearing different accessories, and how they can change up an outfit I’ve already worn. So I thought I would share my favorite accessories for the spring time, and they are all affordable too! Bandanas This…

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My Favorite Spring Day Activities Ideas + Smoothie Recipe

Spring is starting to come and hopefully will stay around for awhile, which means warm days filled with enjoying the sun.  So today I’m sharing my favorite spring day activity ideas that are affordable, simple, and fun + my go-to smoothie recipe. All of these are simple and affordable things you can do by yourself or with friends and family, so happy reading! Picnic in…

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Tips For Writing Instagram Captions

Most of us can agree that the hardest part of posting on Instagram is coming up with a caption for a photo. Should it be short and sweet or long and wordy? Does it have to relate to the photo? I know I’ve once spent over 30 minutes just trying to write a caption for Instagram. It can be frustrating when you have such a…

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  • Happy Monday guys! Im finally saying goodbye to Canada for
  • And Im now back with your regularly scheduled travel photos
  • A little break from my travel photos because I have
  • Heading to Jasper today but Lake Louise is definitely one
  • Ive spent one day in Banff and I can already
  • Its been a long 72 hours of traveling by plane
  • Just me in my natural habitat surrounded by nature Today
  • I always love the different sky views and sunsets I