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Exciting News: My Online Clothing Boutique!


Over a year ago in a monthly round-up post, I talked about wanting to start my own business sometime within the next few years. It has been something I’ve dreamed of doing, but I was never sure what it would exactly be or when it…

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Tips For Taking Outfit Photos


One of the hardest parts about blogging or creating content can be being in front of the camera. Posing for photos doesn’t come naturally to everyone, which is perfectly normal. But it makes wanting to share outfit photos a bit harder. Now I am by…

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My Favorite Ways To De-stress


Life can get very busy and stressful, and it’s easy to forget to take some time to look after ourselves. I know for me personally, life recently has been a bit crazy (all good though), and I haven’t been prioritizing time to de-stress and just…

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New Things To Try This Spring


Spring is right around the corner and with the start of warmer weather and a new season, it can be the perfect time to try something new! Change can always be a bit scary, but I find that if you start with making smaller changes…

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My Favorite Inspirational Quotes #2


One of the main things in life that helps give me inspiration is reading quotes. Whenever I need a reminder I always browse through my favorites on Instagram or Pinterest. It is amazing how a few simple words can change your whole outlook or mood.…

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How To Deal With Less Sunlight In Winter


The hardest part of winter for most people is the lack of sunlight. After a while, the many days of a gloomy white winter sky can have an effect on your mood. Although the best fix for this is sunlight, you still have to go…

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Tips For Putting Yourself Online


One of the hardest parts of creating content online can be opening up about yourself. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to put yourself and part of your life online, where thousands to millions of people can potentially see it. For some people, it comes more…

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Little Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently


Life is filled with ups and downs, and these first two months of 2019 have been exactly that. The one thing I always strive to do is focus on the good things in life that I’m grateful for. It has been over a year since I…

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Book Recommendations #5


It has been so long since my last book recommendations post! To be honest, with the busyness of the holidays and work, I just haven’t done too much reading these past 2 months. When I did have some free time I read a few new…

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