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Book Recommendations #4

It has been 2 months since my last book recommendations post, which means in that time I read even more books that I loved so much that I wanted to share them with you! I decided to branch out to not just thriller books, which are my favorite genre of books to read. Now there are still a few of those in here too, but…

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My Favorite Feel Good Songs Playlist

Music has always been a huge love of mine. I love how by simply playing one song your whole entire mood can change. I spend a lot of time listening to music throughout my day. Whether it’s when I’m getting ready in the morning, in the car, or to de-stress in the evenings, there’s always something playing. My favorite kinds of songs are ones that…

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How I’m Learning Time Spent Enjoyed Is Not Time Wasted

One of the things in life that has always been the hardest for me to accept is that it’s okay to not always be working or doing something that is considered “productive”. That there is nothing wrong with spending an hour reading, an evening watching a movie, or just sitting around chatting with friends. I’ve seen other people talk about having this issue too. Where…

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Photo Diary: Weekend in Greenville South Carolina

This past Thursday I went on a little trip to Greenville, South Carolina with my family. We usually always go to Charleston, which is one of my favorite cities, but we decided to try somewhere different this time and I’m so glad we did. Like with all of my trips I took tons of photos, so here is a little photo diary of my trip…

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  • This week I went on 2 different hikes and it
  • Since I took yesterday off for my birthday there is
  • Today is my 22nd birthday time is flying by and
  • My working essentials for this season have become a cup
  • A moody purplepink sky from last week to remind you
  • Happy Sunday! Today on the blog there is a new
  • I spent this afternoon taking some blog photos outside you