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A Chat About Numbers on Instagram: Do They Matter?

For me personally Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love photos + being able to see looks into people’s daily life’s with stories. But almost everyone on Instagram who is making content comes to the point, usually many times, where we focus too much of the numbers side of it. I thought I would share my thoughts on if numbers on Instagram really…

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My Top Self Care Ideas

Over the years I’ve learned that self care is extremely important, especially for mental health. With life always moving, it’s important to look after and take some time for ourselves. So to help, I thought I should share some easy, inexpensive self care ideas that you can do to relax and treat yourself! My Top Self Care Ideas Take a bath with Epsom salt Epsom salt…

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Saving Money & Buying Less in A Social Media World

Social media is actually one of the best places to go “shopping”. You can get people’s personal opinions on clothing, beauty, tech, and more, see the items in action, and get more of a real life look at them. But social media can also make saving money and buying less harder. When you are constantly seeing new items that you like, it’s very easy to forget…

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Digital Spring Cleaning Tips

One of the best parts of spring is getting rid of clutter and organizing. Although this is usually only done with spaces or wardrobes, it’s also just as important to spring clean your electronics too! Distracting and unneeded clutter on computers and phones can bring down your productive, and just make everything more stressful than it needs to be. So to help you start, here…

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  • Happy Monday guys! Im finally saying goodbye to Canada for
  • And Im now back with your regularly scheduled travel photos
  • A little break from my travel photos because I have
  • Heading to Jasper today but Lake Louise is definitely one
  • Ive spent one day in Banff and I can already
  • Its been a long 72 hours of traveling by plane
  • Just me in my natural habitat surrounded by nature Today
  • I always love the different sky views and sunsets I