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The Calm Before The Storm: OOTD + WEEKLY ROUND UP

Happy monday guys! This last week was the calm before the storm, quiet literally. Although the week was filled with a lot of unexpected surprises, it’s always nice to have a productive week. Every week or two on the blog I’m going to be doing weekly round ups of Instagram, blog posts, purchases / things I’ve been loving, and personal bits from that week as…

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How To Manage Online Classes

Hi guys! I thought I would write about some tips I’ve discovered that help me when it comes to online classes. I’m a junior in college, and this is my second semester of taking all online classes. I’ve done both online and in school classes, but I’ve found that online works best with my schedule. Online classes take a lot of time management, and through…

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The Girl In The Pinafore Dress

Hi guys! I spent the last weekend walking around the city near where I live and while I was there I took some photos of my outfit. I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but whenever I see a style of clothing that I love I put it on my list of things I want to add to my wardrobe, and…

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  • Just a very happy Kara because its finally starting to
  • I hope your day went well today and if it
  • Today on the blog Im sharing the styles and items
  • Im learning the hard way this year that no matter
  • We finally have sunshine after 4 days of none and
  • It has been a relaxing weekend indoors but its back
  • I hope your Friday has been treating you well! Im
  • Missing this place a little more today Ive been going