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Happy Sunday guys! Fall officially started this week, which meant it was time to bring out the fall clothes. It also meant that it would rain all week, which caused a little delay in this weeks post. But luckily the sun finally came out, so let’s get into this weeks OOTD and weekly roundup! INSTAGRAM I’ve been a little busy on Instagram these past two…

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Tips For Location Scouting For Outfit Photos

Welcome back guys! I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now, and over the many posts I’ve figured out what to look for when picking a location to shoot an outfit. Although there have been a handful of times where a location didn’t work, I’ve learned through trial and error on what works and what to avoid. So if you’re new to…

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10 Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall is beginning to roll around, which means it’s time to start bringing out the fall clothes. Every season I sort through my clothes and figure out what I need and don’t need in my wardrobe. I try keep my fall clothing on the more minimal side, and with more versatile pieces. While sorting through my clothes I narrowed down the 10 things I thought…

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Not Your Average T-Shirt: OOTD + WEEKLY ROUND UP

Welcome back friends! This past week the summer weather had finally started to come to an end, which meant it was time to start to bringing out the fall clothes. New songs were discovered this week, as well as my new found love for Pinterest. So lets jump right in to a look at this past week as well as an OOTD! INSTAGRAM Over the…

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