Book Recommendations #3


It has been ages since I’ve done a book post on here due to college, but I’m excited to be doing them more frequently now! The past two book recommendations posts have been for each season, but I’ve decided from now on to do them once I’ve read a few books that I end up loving. Now don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to be all books, but this way I’ll be able to share my recommendations more often with you, and not give you too many books to read all at once. So here are the 4 books I’ve read and loved recently, and would highly recommend reading!

Book Recommendations #3

Surprise Me

Before I talk about this book I do want to say this was given to me for free, and I did do an ad about it on Instagram a few months ago. However I decided to include it in this list because I loved reading it. It’s a funny fiction book about a couple who have been together for 10 years, and while at the doctor’s it is mentioned to them that they will probably be together for another 68 years, which then changes everything. They decide that they need to change things up, and bring some surprises into their relationship. But like with everything in life, it never goes to plan and brings up old secrets, as well as new shocks. I laughed so much while reading this, and I love how it has a good mix of humor and a bit of mystery.

The Passenger

This book is a short and quick read, but also fantastic. It’s about this women who is on the run again, and has taken on a new identity after her husband is found dead at the bottom of the stairs. While on the run she meets a women named Blue, who has a troubled past herself, as well as many others from each town she visits. What I love about this book is it is written with her taking on these different identities, until eventually she has to return home to face reality. At the end you find out what made her run away all those years ago, and it’s as shocking as it is emotional.

The Girl Before

With most books it takes awhile for the plot to pick up, but this book gets right into it. It’s about this women, Jane, who is looking for a new place to rent for a fresh start. She finds this minimalist smart home at a good price, but it comes with a long list of rules she has to follow. Once she starts living there she finds out that there was a women before her who rented the house and died in it. It starts this mystery of what happened to her, and if the same thing is happening to Jane. I loved how this book just pulls you in, and the plot is different from anything I’ve ever read. There is a bizarre questionnaire every potential renter must fill out before being considered for the house, and the book is sectioned off by each of the questions.

The Women In The Window

This was one of my most recent reads. It’s a psychological suspense book about a women who is unable to venture outside because of her agoraphobia. She spends her days watching old films, drinking, chatting on an agoraphobia support website, and watching her neighbors. A new family moves in across the park from her, and she’s instantly intrigued by them. One night when she’s watching her new neighbors she sees something she shouldn’t of, and it starts a downward spiral of what is real and what is imagined. I won’t give any spoilers, but it’s a suspense read that at first I honestly didn’t think was going to be too much of a shock, but I was wrong.

And those are the 4 books I loved reading recently and would recommend. Let me know if you’ve read any of these, or plan on reading any of them!

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6 responses to “Book Recommendations #3”

  1. I love Sophia Kinsella books! They’re so good for a light but fun Reading! xx

  2. Stacey says:

    The women in the window reminds me a lot of Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock! It’s one of my favourite movies so I might need to look into this book. Thanks for sharing this list!

    • Kara Callahan says:

      I’ve never seen that movie before but I’ll have to give it a watch!